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Art challenge
Yearly art challenge from 2018 to 2022Oct 1 2018


3D scene
3D scene for Pride Month 2024Jun 7 2024
VR avatar
Dragon VR avatarMay 23 2024
3D scene
Rendered 3D scene for Paw Day 2024May 20 2024
3D animation
3D animation for TabraMar 19 2024
Art meme
3D scene for an art memeMar 14 2024
3D scene
3D scene commission for KuragariMar 11 2024
VR avatar
VRChat avatar for JadarisMar 6 2024
3D outfit
3D outfit commission for TaldrenMar 1 2024
VRChat & VSeeFace avatar
Collie VR avatar for HuxleyFeb 19 2024
VRChat avatar
Were-sergal VR avatar for ZvorkDec 19 2023
Fursuit for my jaguar fursonaNov 29 2023
VTuber avatar
YouTuber avatar for SeraphisOct 24 2023
3D scene
Personal 3D artSep 20 2023
VR avatar
Charr VR avatar for DraenethAug 9 2023
Event at Eurofurence 27
Panel & meet-up at Eurofurence 27Aug 8 2023
VR avatar
Charr VR avatar for TaldrenJul 19 2023
3D scene
3D scene featuring my charr elementalist Storm Snowclaw with magical glowing tiger stripesJul 5 2023
VRChat & VSeeFace avatar
VRChat & VSeeFace avatar for HuxleyJun 22 2023
Obsidian plugin
Obsidian plugin that converts ASCII to Unicode typographyMay 21 2023
3D scene
Rendered 3D scene for Paw DayMay 20 2023
Outfit meme featuring characters of my patronsMay 8 2023
3D outfit
3D outfit commission for KuragariMay 5 2023
3D scene
3D scene commission from RipaApr 12 2023
Prompt 121: SCIENCE
3D scene for the prompt SCIENCE from my patron KuragariMar 28 2023
VRChat avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Zan Hyena featuring his charr, Tempest BloodmaneMar 27 2023
Prompt 120: FIGHTING
3D scene for the prompt FIGHTING from my patron SeraphisMar 17 2023
Prompt 119: EVERYTHING
3D scene for the prompt EVERYTHING from my patron LycaMar 10 2023
Prompt 118: EVOLUTION
3D scene for the prompt EVOLUTION from my patron RipaMar 6 2023
VRChat avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Buck featuring his alicorn, BoMar 3 2023
Prompt 117: GOODBYE
3D scene for the prompt GOODBYE from my patron LacsapFeb 24 2023
Prompt 116: FLEX
3D scene for the prompt FLEX from my patron WarrickFeb 17 2023
Prompt 115: ESCAPE
3D render for the prompt ESCAPE from my patron TabraFeb 10 2023
Prompt 114: EXHAUSTED
3D scene for the prompt EXHAUSTED from my patron DrizzleboneFeb 3 2023
VRChat avatar
VRChat avatar & outfit commission for Kreeze featuring his flame legion charrFeb 2 2023
Prompt 113: JADE
3D scene for the prompt JADE from my patron KuragariJan 27 2023
Prompt 112: EGO
3D scene for the Patreon prompt EGO from my patron SeraphisJan 20 2023
Web app that counts the number of characters and words in a piece of textJan 16 2023
3D scene for the prompt QUINTESSENTIAL from my patron LycaJan 13 2023
3D scene for the prompt UNSTOPPABLE from my patron RipaJan 6 2023
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission of a bipedal dragon character for TaldrenJan 2 2023
Collage featuring 24 art projects from the year 2022Dec 31 2022
Prompt 109: BANG
3D scene for the prompt BANG from my patron LacsapDec 30 2022
3D scene for the prompt COMPANIONSHIP from my patron WarrickDec 23 2022
Prompt 107: REINDEER
3D scene for the prompt REINDEER from my patron TabraDec 16 2022
Prompt 106: FESTIVE
3D scene for the prompt FESTIVE from my patron DrizzleboneDec 9 2022
Prompt 105: LOTUS
3D scene for the prompt LOTUS from my patron KuragariDec 2 2022
Prompt 104: SUFFERING
Whatever you just did, you’re going to regret it…Nov 18 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Sharkey, featuring his charr with the same name!Nov 17 2022
Prompt 103: FEAST
Looks like you missed the feast. Better luck next time!Nov 11 2022
Prompt 102: EMPATHIZE
Since I had so much fun with that mouse game recently, I thought I’d try modeling one! Here is my patron Ripa’s charr, demonstrating that charr and mice CAN coexist peacefully.Nov 4 2022
I wanted to do at least a little scene for this year’s Charrtober so I let my patrons pick a prompt from the list. Here is a very FURRY Kianga—my first serious experiment with realistic 3D fur. Pet that belly at your own risk!Oct 31 2022
Prompt 101: VIRTUAL
What kind of avatar would a charr use in VR? Himself, of course. Just with more badass armor. Lacsap trying out his new VR hardware with 9-point FBTT (full-body & tail tracking), inspired by the prompt VIRTUAL. Thank you for your support! 💖Oct 28 2022
Management tip: If you’re holding a presentation for charr, using laser pointers is not recommended. For the prompt PRESENTATION from my patron Warrick. As always, thank you for your support! 💕Oct 21 2022
Prompt 99: RECOVERY
Garro might have “blood legioned” a bit too hard, and has to take a little timeout in one of these fancy new healing tanks. For the prompt RECOVERY for my patron Tabra—thank you for your support, and have a speedy recovery!Oct 19 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Sigil, featuring his charr Ratchet in a beach outfit, and a VRChat port by Rengyr. I wonder how charr with that hairstyle look when they’re fresh out of the water…Oct 18 2022
Prompt 98: SPOOKY
Don’t consume too many pumpkins, or the pumpkins might consume you… For the prompt SPOOKY from my patron Drizzlebone, whose charr was already perfectly dressed for the occasion!Oct 7 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Hewie featuring his smol but very fluffy charr! I hope you like him, and have fun in VR! (VRChat port by Rengyr)Oct 4 2022
Prompt 97: HARMONY
“Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?” Yami, Ferox, and Kernas having a peaceful moment under the stars, for the prompt HARMONY from my patron Kuragari. Thank you for your support!Sep 30 2022
When adventuring with dragons, remember that once you’ve found the hidden treasure, it is considered polite to leave the dragon alone with it. For the prompt CONDESCEND from my patron Seraphis. Thank you for your support!Sep 23 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Cinogard, featuring their charr revenant, Draken Darkshadow!Sep 21 2022
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the jaguar glows tonight… For the prompt ILLUMINATE from my patron Lyca—thank you for your support! Want your own glowy jaguar for VRChat or ChilloutVR? He’s available from my Gumroad and Ko-fi stores!Sep 16 2022
Charr may not have the most refined hospitality, but their cooking skill makes up for it… as long as you don’t mind steak. Lots of it.Sep 9 2022
Prompt 93: GAMBLE
Don’t worry—when charr play, the second round is usually a lot more fun, and doesn’t involve cards. For the prompt GAMBLING from my patron Lacsap. Thank you for your support!Sep 1 2022
VRChat Avatar
Second part of a VRChat avatar commission for Red, featuring his charr renegade, Wan Shi Tong wearing the Infused Samurai Outfit. The VRChat port was done by Rengyr.Aug 30 2022
Prompt 92: NOSTALGIA
“I was so young and naïve when I first received my tag. It was honestly the happiest day of my life. Then everything went to shit. But despite all that, I endured, I healed, and now I am thriving. It may have been hell but I wouldn’t change it for anything.” A little scene for the prompt NOSTALGIA from my patron Warrick, who also wrote the text for this. Thank you for your support!Aug 26 2022
Prompt 91: DISNEY
He’s gonna be a mighty king For the prompt DISNEY from my patron Tabra. This is still Garro’s original charr model, just with different proportions. I’m surprised it turned out this cute, even if a little… angry.Aug 19 2022
Simple Outfit
First part of a VRChat avatar commission for Red, featuring his charr renegade, Wan Shi Tong!Aug 17 2022
Prompt 90: CALM
Every charr has their own way of cooling down after a long, hot day. For the prompt CALM from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support! 💖Aug 12 2022
Prompt 89: TWILIGHT
Big sword for a big charr!Aug 5 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Tk of his dragon wolf, with an optional outfit for special occasions. 😼Aug 4 2022
It’s 34 °C today and I hope you’re having a better time than this warrior. Stay hydrated!Aug 4 2022
Prompt 88: POWER
The combined power of a dragon and a charr, for the prompt POWER from my patron Ignado aka Seraphis! Thank you for your mighty support!Jul 29 2022
He’ll need your clothes, your boots, and your catnip. Inspired by the prompt METAMORPHOSIS from my patron Lyca, I guess this is what would happen if Iron Legion and the Inquest joined forces: a charr terminator. That was fun! Thank you, Lyca, for your support!Jul 22 2022
Prompt 86: FLANKER
“Flanking” usually means attacking from the side, but I learned today that it can also mean flashing your ankles. Ripa unfortunately managed to get into a situation involving both. For the prompt FLANKER from my patron Ripa—thank you for your support!Jul 15 2022
Added an alternate texture to my Jaguar VRChat avatar! I still prefer the black texture because it works better with the rainbow rosettes, but you can now choose either version when building the avatar.Jul 14 2022
3D character & outfit commission for Kuragari, featuring Yami Whitemane wearing the White Tiger Outfit! Thank you so much for the commission! 💖 This is perhaps the most challenging outfit I’ve worked on so far. So many different parts, each requiring different modeling/sculpting techniques. Hope you like it!Jul 13 2022
Prompt 85: COMFY
This latest advance in charr legion field beds may be a little small, but that doesn’t seem to bother Lacsap. For the prompt COMFY from my patron Lacsap—thank you for your support, and sweet dreams!Jul 8 2022
Prompt 84: REVENGE
My patron Warrick gave me the prompt REVENGE this time, and as an elementalist he knows of course that this is a dish best served cold. Thank you for your (very warm) support! 😼Jul 4 2022
First half of a character & outfit commission for Kuragari. This is just the character: Yami Whitemane, Flame Legion vindicator. The outfit is coming soon, but you can already admire his uhh, spots!Jun 29 2022
They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!Jun 29 2022
Prompt 83: SPICY
My patron Tabra gave me the prompt SPICY this time, and I found this shirt while browsing for references…Jun 24 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Seraphis Zurvan, in collaboration with RengyrJun 22 2022
Prompt 82: SCANDAL
Drizzlebone testing the latest beach outfit for Iron Legion… Honestly, I’m not sure about the practicality of this, but who am I to judge! A scandalous outfit for the prompt SCANDAL from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support, and for the fun prompt!Jun 17 2022
Prompt 81: TOME
Kernas visiting the Priory’s special collections on some arcane business. Don’t forget to trim your claws! For the prompt TOME from my patron Kuragari—thank you for your support! 💖Jun 10 2022
Prompt 80: PATHETIC
PoV: You’ve tried to duel an elementalist. It did not go well.Jun 3 2022
Prompt 79: FORTITUDE
A Warpblade, for the prompt FORTITUDE from my patron Lyca! Fortitude because for some reason, holding a sword makes elementalists suddenly feel a lot more… alive. At least for a short while. 😼 Thank you, Lyca, for your support! 💖May 28 2022
VR Avatar
Premade jaguar avatar for VRChat and ChilloutVR with two different color variantsMay 23 2022
Prompt 78: FULCRUM
This week’s prompt is FULCRUM from my patron Ripa, and our two charr have kindly volunteered to demonstrate this physical concept, with the help of a barrel of Blood Whiskey. Or two. As always, thank you for your support! 💖May 20 2022
Prompt 77: LASER TAG
Why do humans call it laser tag when they’re not even using real lasers?May 13 2022
Second part of a VRChat avatar commission for Rouan: his charr Zeno Darkspire, now with a proper outfit! Have a great time in VRChat, and thank you for your commission! 💖 Items used: Immortal Light Halo Ebon Epaulets Tribal Vestments (only body paint and bands around the arms) Carapace Gloves Invoker’s Leggings Mursaat BrogansMay 9 2022
Big cat, but still cat. Just a quick silly scene inspired by a prompt from SkiaSkai on Twitter to draw our fursonas sitting like their cat.May 8 2022
Prompt 76: CHARM
Felt like doing something fun and colorful for this week’s prompt CHARM by my patron Warrick. If you can recognize the symbols you get a cookie!May 6 2022
Prompt 75: COMFORT
What does Garro eat for breakfast? Yes. My patron Tabra gave me the prompt “comfort” this time, and I thought I’d make him a breakfast worthy of a Blood Legionnaire. I hope it’ll be enough until lunch—thank you for your support!Apr 29 2022
A few days ago I saw a tweet talking about “insufficiently covered warriors” and I thought, Kianga knows a thing or two about that!Apr 26 2022
Character & outfit commission for Bolty, of her charr commander Zurena Snapbark! This was such an awesome and fun design to work with, and I hope we’ll see more of Zurena in the future. Thank you so much for the commission!Apr 25 2022
Prompt 74: MATH
Cat brain is working hard!Apr 22 2022
Prompt 73: NOODLES
How do you deal with unruly cubs at the fahrar? Pool noodle timeout. (I don’t think Ferox regrets anything though.)Apr 15 2022
Prompt 72: PAIN
Ignado swinging his Catalyst’s Hammer to bring you a Hurricane of Pain For the prompt “pain”—thank you for your support!Apr 8 2022
“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” (Winston Churchill) A more abstract scene for the prompt “appeasement” from my patron Ripa—thank you for your support! I don’t get to work with grayscale scenes very often and this was a fun opportunity.Apr 1 2022
Warrick finally has a proper outfit, and it’ll be ported to VRChat soon! Thank you for the commission, and I hope you like it!Mar 28 2022
Prompt 70: PARTY
Birthday pool party for Lacsap! A belated happy birthday to you, and thank you for your support! 💕 I hope you’ll all enjoy your weekend as much as these three!Mar 25 2022
Prompt 69: RAGE
Someone’s about to have a bad day, and it’s not Warrick here. Elementalists are always so much fun to work with. This week’s prompt was “rage” from my patron Warrick — thank you for your support!Mar 18 2022
It’s been a while since I made a new model for my own charr - here is Storm Snowclaw, my elementalist! He’s uh, a bit eccentric.Mar 16 2022
VRChat Avatar
VRChat avatar commission for Drizzlebone, in collaboration with Rengyr for the VRChat adaptation.Mar 14 2022
“Is it done? Can I look?” Kianga posing for Bao, who painted this portrait for me back in 2018. For the prompt “art” - thank you, Bao, for your art AND your support! 💕Mar 11 2022
Prompt 68: FACEOFF
It’s a face-off between Garro and Ignado! Something’s missing though… This weekly prompt is for Tabra! Last week there was some silly talk on our Discord about challenging Garro’s “no-pants supremacy”, so here we are… Thank you for your support, regardless of outfit. 😼Mar 4 2022
Prompt 67: BRAG
Don’t you wish you had such a big hammer?Feb 25 2022
Remember to start your week with a big stretch!Feb 21 2022
Prompt 66: SITH
Kernas wants you to join the Dark Side, and I don’t think you’ll have much choice in the matter.Feb 18 2022
VRChat avatar commission for Chaz, of their soft and fluffy charr Varius. They may not have claws, but that can be fixed with mesmer magic! That outfit was surprisingly fun to work with - fabric always intimidates me, but I think it turned out well? I hope you like it too, and thank you for the commission! 💜Feb 16 2022
I don’t think charr care much for Valentine’s Day. Shh, just let him sleep.Feb 13 2022
Prompt 65: LIGHT
Is that what they call “green energy”? For the prompt LIGHT from my patron Ignado - thank you for your support!Feb 11 2022
Tarra says freezing weather is no reason to skip your morning workout!Feb 7 2022
Prompt 64: DARING
No sparring partner? When you’re out there in the Brand, you gotta make do with what you have.Feb 4 2022
VRChat avatar commission for Umber of her charr Thornphyre!Jan 31 2022
Prompt 63: PRAISE
Lacsap being grossly incandescent, for the prompt “praise”. I hope it’s not too obvious that I’ve never played Dark Souls. It’s on my increasingly long list of things to do!Jan 28 2022
Prompt 62: HEALING
Seems like a pretty good time to go climb a tree?Jan 14 2022
Prompt 61: KEY
Excited warrior! He found a key! (And he’s gonna get a revive orb.) For the prompt KEY from my patron Bao - thank you for your support! 💕Jan 7 2022
VRChat avatar for Rouan of their charr, Zeno Darkspire! We might add a more complex outfit in the future. 👀 Thank you for the commission!Jan 4 2022
Our final prompt for this year, DESPERATION, ended up a bit darker - but I think that’s only appropriate for 2021. Thank you, Tabra, and all my other wonderful patrons for your support this year! Here’s hoping that 2022 will finally give us all a well-deserved break. 💕Dec 31 2021
It’s been a year… 💦Dec 31 2021
Kianga is on his way to spread some Wintersday cheer! Based on the prompt CONTRADICTION from my patron Drizzlebone. Thank you for your support, and a happy Wintersday - hope you’ll have a blast! 🎄🧨Dec 24 2021
Prompt 58: STARS
Kernas Schi wielding Astralaria, perhaps my favorite legendary weapon from the game. ✨Dec 17 2021
Charr hug? Commission for Jynxamina, of her soft and fluffy charr Magna wearing the Wedding Attire outfit. Ported to VRChat by Rengyr!Dec 15 2021
Prompt 57: SENTIMENT
Someone’s had enough Wintersday cheer for today.Dec 10 2021
I’ve always found it interesting that despite their militaristic society, the charr don’t seem very fond of the idea of having a new Khan-Ur as their supreme leader. Inspired by the prompt DICTATORSHIP from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support!Dec 3 2021
Prompt 55: MUSIC
Lacsap has a guitar now, and he’s not afraid to use it! 🤘Nov 26 2021
Prompt 54: COFFEE
In this world of constant battle, we are the deadliest weapons of all - after we’ve had our coffee.Nov 19 2021
Outfit commission for Ignado Flaredancer, based on Mist Shard Armor from the game! The outfit will be ported to VRChat as well. Thank you for the commission!Nov 18 2021
Prompt 53: TRANSPORT
Garro Facebreaker and the Temple of Doom?Nov 12 2021
A Peacemaker’s Hammer, scaled up to charr size - because the bigger the weapon, the more peace it can make, right? 👀 Based on the prompt “peacemaker” from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support!Nov 5 2021
Part two of a big project featuring Kernas, this time with a full outfit based on the Astral Scholar Outfit from the game. Hope you like him!Nov 4 2021
For my patrons: You are my stars, and you have my eternal gratitude. 💕Oct 31 2021
Originally I wanted to render an animation with all the charr I’d ever made here, but it turned out Blender and/or my hardware can’t handle this. A whole legion of Kiangas worked fine though!Oct 30 2021
Kianga seems to have found a cozy (?) sleeping spot. 🤔Oct 29 2021
Iron Legion calls this one “Engine Grease” and you probably don’t want to know how it’s made.Oct 28 2021
If you think werewolves are dangerous, imagine what ancient magic the curse of lycanthropy might awaken in a charr.Oct 27 2021
For Blood Legion, a wall is more like a… “guideline” than an actual obstacle.Oct 26 2021
“Are you ready for dinner?” Kianga’s favorite part of cooking!Oct 25 2021
It’s Supercharr!Oct 24 2021
“The latest in weapons technology from Cantha”, that dealer from Lion’s Arch had said. If only it had come with assembly instructions.Oct 23 2021
How would a charr soldier wear their dog tag? A chain around their massive neck would have to be awkwardly long, so I thought: why not use an engraved wristband instead?Oct 22 2021
“Titan’s Blood” was a popular cocktail among the shamans of the old Flame Legion. Needless to say, it’s a little… spicy.Oct 21 2021
There are ways to make a charr talk.Oct 20 2021
Long or short tail fur? I can promise you, it won’t make a difference if you meet them on the battlefield.Oct 19 2021
Does necromancy count?Oct 18 2021
Mmm, hot springs! Time for a warrior to relax with his, uh, Blood Legion tactical water exercise… duck.Oct 17 2021
(He’s not.)Oct 16 2021
Shhh, don’t wake the sleeping warriors…Oct 15 2021
The “Slice and Dice” is a Blood Legion favorite: Blood whiskey, a slice of blood orange, and raw diced beef. Mmmm. What? What’s wrong with some meat in your whiskey?Oct 14 2021
Not sure what happened here, but it’s safe to assume Kianga has had better days.Oct 13 2021
There’s more than one way to get shredded. This one involved a cat.Oct 12 2021
“Weightlifting with gym equipment? Come on, that’s for cubs.”Oct 11 2021
While “head through the wall” can indeed be a viable tactic, it is important to recognize the difference between a brick wall and steel-reinforced concrete.Oct 10 2021
Stability. Please excuse my derpy stability icon…Oct 9 2021
The weapon is a battle staff (based on the Reclaimed Staff from Guild Wars 2) that I originally made for my charr revenant, Ark - I just didn’t have much opportunity to use it yet.Oct 8 2021
For the four legion prompts this Charrtober, we’re mixing cocktails: The Cloak and Dagger (shaken and stirred) is popular among Ash Legion agents - goes down smooth but packs a punch! Thank you to my patron Ignado for the drinks idea, and to Tabra for the name of this cocktail.Oct 7 2021
As we warriors say, spin to win!Oct 6 2021
I wonder who would build a grenade disguised as an apple… 🤔 In memory of Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw, of course. 🍎Oct 5 2021
Full-body character commission for Kuragari of their smol fluffy charr, Kernas. To better demonstrate the full extent of his smolness, I’ve included a group picture with Kianga and Ferox (who also belongs to Kuragari). Charr come in all sizes!Oct 5 2021
Advanced Blood Legion stealth tacticsOct 4 2021
This place is crazier than the Mad King’s Labyrinth… For this prompt, I wanted to make one of those “weird geometry” environments. I actually rebuilt the whole place from M. C. Escher’s “Relativity” which was a mistake because it cost me like half a day, and it turned out very difficult to light properly. Eventually I ran out of time and used only a smaller part of it for the final scene… On the positive side though, I had a lot of fun building this.Oct 3 2021
Oh no, it’s an ambush! 🙀 Perhaps not entirely in-character for those two, but I guess even Blood centurions can be silly sometimes!Oct 2 2021
Kianga hasn’t figured out yet how to stop bullets in mid-air, but he’s gotten pretty good at dodging them! A little homage to The Matrix, for the first day of Charrtober: NIMBLE.Oct 1 2021
Bust sculpting commission for MadKakerlaken of her most handsome necromancer, Yahuk Thornheart. 3D printed too! Thank you so much for the commission - I hope you like him! 💕Sep 23 2021
Prompt 51: PRIMAL
When charr ruled the earth…Sep 17 2021
Character commission for Salem of their big wolf dragon boy, Salem. Watch out for him in VRChat soon! I had a lot of fun with this, thank you so much for the commission! 💜Sep 16 2021
I’ve already posted a preview of her, but here is a full render of Tarra with at least some minimal clothing. Blood Legion issue, of course.Sep 14 2021
Lacsap has united the butterfly legions!Sep 10 2021
Happy Biceptember from Kianga! Just a little bit of motivation to start off the week. 💪Sep 6 2021
Based on the prompt “implacable” by my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support! 💕Sep 3 2021
Kianga no Kianga why (Tried to do the Jack-O pose… at least as far as I can manage with his rig. He’s not getting younger, you know?)Aug 31 2021
Prompt 48: GROWTH
All things have a right to grow. Especially when they turn into food for hungry charr. A little scene for the prompt “growth” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support! 🌱Aug 30 2021
Prompt 47: MIXOLOGY
Aside from their destructive power on the battlefield, elementalists can also mix awesome cocktails. Warrick here has kindly volunteered to make a “Burned Soldier” - you have to drink it while it’s still on fire, obviously. For the prompt “mixology” - thank you, Warrick, for your support, and for the cocktail!Aug 25 2021
A little preview of my next charr: not a commission this time, but Snow Warband’s centurion, Tarra Shieldcrush. Haven’t made clothes for her yet, hence the uh… creative lighting. Given her temperament, I would not recommend staring.Aug 24 2021
One less enemy to worry about. Fully vaccinated warrior, for the prompt “liberation” from my patron Ripa. Blood Legion has the coolest (war)band-aids. A personal note: Just because vaccinations aren’t a big deal for some doesn’t mean everyone can be so relaxed. I’ve had some traumatic experiences with doctors in my childhood, and my relationship with medical procedures is rather tense. Getting vaccinated is the right thing to do, but I felt that neither traditional nor social media were helping much with that.Aug 23 2021
Full-body character and armor commission for Coffee Kitten: his fierce charr lady, Tamka Ironpaw!Aug 20 2021
Prompt 45: FREEDOM
Freedom Lacsap going diving, inspired by his prompt “freedom” for this month. Thank you for your support!Aug 6 2021
My first dragon character with wings! A VRChat avatar commission in collaboration with Driggs, Ixen comes in two shapes: with wings and wingless, with optional glow marks, and even a leather jacket. Each can be toggled individually. Hope you like him!Jul 30 2021
Prompt 44: GARDENING
Tomato inspection! I think Garro is satisfied? I’m quite proud of my creative solutions to Garro’s ongoing lack of clothes. Based on the prompt “gardening” from my patron Tabra - as always, thank you for your support! 💛Jul 14 2021
“Think there’ll ever be another Khan-Ur to lead you?” — “Made it this far without one. Why fix something that ain’t broke?”Jul 13 2021
Prompt 42: BOOP
My patron Warrick asked for “boop” as this month’s prompt, and I thought I’d practice my animation skills a bit. I know it’s far from perfect, but I still had fun with this. 😼Jul 10 2021
Garro demonstrating a “battle ropes” workout - except charr don’t use silly ropes. This was a fun scene to work on - thank you for your support! 💛Jul 8 2021
For the prompt “thunderstorm” from my patron Lacsap, I was wondering how a warrior might catch lightning (and survive). Luckily we’ve got [Endure Pain]!Jul 8 2021
Someone is about to learn the painful lesson that there is no such thing as an unarmed elementalist. 3D character commission for Warrick of his charr, Warrick Ashblood. Thank you for the commission! 💕Jul 6 2021
Prompt 40: PATRIOT
True heroes aren’t patriots - they overcome patriotism. From Blood Legion to the Vigil and then to the Pact: Almorra never got stuck in close-minded thinking about one group being better than others. She moved past all that and united all of Tyria against the Elder Dragons. Based on the prompt “patriot” from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support! 💙Jun 28 2021
Prompt 39: PRANK
“You call that a prank? I’ll wear it with pride!”Jun 25 2021
Prompt 38: DROPPING
After careful review of the Citadel Assault Glider design, United Legion engineers came to the conclusion that it wasn’t quite assault-y enough. The Mk. II here features 3,000 pounds of “enhancements”. Based on the prompt “dropping” from my patron Lacsap - thank you for your support!Jun 24 2021
3D scene commission for Ripa, featuring his charr fighting alongside Almorra Soulkeeper, against three Branded charr!Jun 23 2021
It’s the Blood Legion summer collection! I found this meme on Twitter and thought it would make a fun diversion between commission work. See also the 2023 version of this meme, featuring my patrons’ characters.Jun 18 2021
Prompt 37: OVERHEAT
Hot weather? A warrior finds a way to deal with that too. 🍹🧊 Inspired by the prompt “overheat” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support, and even if it’s just virtual refreshment, I hope it helps!Jun 16 2021
General Almorra Soulkeeper, Founder of the Vigil This is part of a larger project I’m currently working on—more on that soon—but I think she can stand on her own. Hope you like her!Jun 15 2021
Lacsap is armed and ready for battle!Jun 1 2021
Our charr vacation draws to an end - thank you, Garro, for the refreshments, and for your support! 💛May 29 2021
Prompt 35: PARTY
Not sure if Crab Limbo is a thing, but with charr it probably would be.May 28 2021
Looks like dinner on Charr Island isn’t going down without a fight…May 24 2021
Prompt 33: WATER
Kianga, stop playing with that fish - someone needs rescuing!May 13 2021
Prompt 32: TROPICAL
Turns out charr are great at climbing trees! We’ll see if he can get down again…May 12 2021
VRChat character commission for Zephyrus, an anthro lion! Challenging but really fun project, and probably the most complex character I’ve done so far. I loved working with those colors - thank you for the commission!May 11 2021
As the last prompt for this month I had “autodefenestration”, or “the act of jumping, propelling oneself, or causing oneself to fall, out of a window”. Apparently that is a thing! 🤔Apr 30 2021
Prompt 30: CHAOS
A little sequel to last month’s scene - looks like something hatched from those eggs!Apr 29 2021
Blood Legion fits, at any cost.Apr 22 2021
Prompt 29: ALLERGIES
“Ugh, it’s that time again…” Thank you, Bao, for the prompt, and for your support! 💜Apr 16 2021
For this month’s prompt “Enterprise” from my patron Ripa, we are going where no charr has gone before. (No pocket raptor either.)Apr 15 2021
Prompt 27: BREAKFAST
Tabra has been teasing us on Discord with his self-made pancakes, so I knew what I had to do for the prompt “breakfast”.Apr 14 2021
Here’s the final render for our big tribune, Ferox Blackmane, now in full, shiny Blood Legion armor. Kianga is feeling slightly insignificant next to him. 🐱💦Apr 9 2021
It could be worse… I think?Apr 1 2021
VRChat avatar commission for Brutus of his Ash Legion charr, Radnur Burntsoul, wielding an Ash Legion Combat Blade, and a cigarette. As with Lacsap previously, this is a collaboration with my friend Driggs, who will handle the rigging and other VRChat magic in the next step. I’ll post an update if I can manage to get video footage of Radnur later!Apr 1 2021
I’m still working on our next VRChat charr, but as a quick weekend project I thought I’d try making a (very short) visual novel with Ren’Py. You can play it in your web browser! Don’t expect anything spectacular - I used only screenshots from Guild Wars 2 for this, and dialogue I originally wrote for a Q&A thing on Tumblr. But it was a fun project, and I might play more with the idea in the future.Mar 27 2021
Prompt 25: DESPAIR
3D scene for the prompt DESPAIR from my patron WarrickMar 23 2021
Prompt 26: SACRIFICE
Some must fight, so that all may be free.Mar 23 2021
Full-body charr commission for Kuragari - with an extra Kianga for scale. Ferox is a big boy!Mar 22 2021
Prompt 24: PRECIOUS
Looks like Garro found a rare drop at Mount Doo—er, Maelstrom.Mar 19 2021
Prompt 23: FEATHER
Physics fact: Did you know that a feather and a fully armored charr will fall at the same speed? … at least in a vacuum.Mar 18 2021
Prompt 22: SPRING
A little scene for the prompt “spring” from my patron Lacsap. Looks like someone left a gift while he was napping!Mar 12 2021
Full-body charr and armor commission of player charr character Ripa Soulkeeper in heavy Vigil’s Honor Armor from Guild Wars 2. This was a huge project and a great learning experience - thank you so much, Ripa, for the commission! 💙Mar 11 2021
All scenes from this month’s 28 Portrait Challenge in one pictureFeb 28 2021
Kianga whyFeb 28 2021
🌈Feb 27 2021
Two more to go!Feb 26 2021
Prompt 21: SKULL
A quick sculpt of a charr skull, based on a prompt from my patron Bao. Thank you for your support! 🧡 I’ve never sculpted a skull before and you can probably tell my anatomy knowledge is a little wonky (yes, especially the jaw) but I hope it’s recognizable. 😼 I had two helpful references for this project: one by thiefseeker on Tumblr, and one by xstarrxx on DeviantArt. I also used some pictures of lion skulls… though they don’t have horns.Feb 26 2021
👀💦Feb 25 2021
Ace represent!Feb 24 2021
Sometimes you can find little escapes from the world in unlikely places.Feb 23 2021
If you beat your head against the wall, it is your head that breaks and not the wall? Whoever said that has obviously never met a charr.Feb 22 2021
🧨¯\_(ツ)_/¯Feb 21 2021
I wanted to do that pose at the end of the /stretch emote. 😼Feb 20 2021
Kianga the Dying SwanFeb 19 2021
I was thinking of something scholarly at first, but he’s a warrior and his authority is on the battlefield!Feb 18 2021
“What? They’re just bones.” Necromancers…Feb 17 2021
He’s plotting something. 😼Feb 16 2021
Spiritual isn’t a word that I’d usually associate with Citadel charr. (Different story with Olmakhan, of course.) But for a regular charr soldier, the closest thing they have to a “religion” is probably their legion?Feb 15 2021
Helping you upFeb 14 2021
Kianga, are you sure that Blood Legion jewelry is quite big enough…?Feb 13 2021
I wonder what he’s dreaming of…Feb 12 2021
Prompt 20: GREED
There’s a skritt in all of us…Feb 12 2021
I hope I’m not boring people with these daily scenes. I know they’re not terribly exciting, but I find them relaxing and it’s kinda fun to try and come up with new ideas using only poses and lighting.Feb 11 2021
Full-body commission for Lacsap of his charr, Bloodeye Lacsap This model is optimized and rigged for VRChat (~40k polygons), although I’m still working on some issues with full-body tracking.Feb 11 2021
Most shy expressions I looked up for reference had both hands covering the face somehow, I’m just glad he has a tail too. 😼Feb 10 2021
Prompt 19: HONOR
Not all honor is won on the battlefield - some of the most glorious battles happen in the kitchen.Feb 10 2021
Made two versions for this prompt. The first one probably feels more chaotic, but I thought it was relying too much on the background texture, while the whole point of the portrait exercise was practicing poses and expressions. I still like it though, so I kept both.Feb 9 2021
“I don’t mind reading one book, but 674 of them? And they’re all the same!”Feb 9 2021
Can he has the bacon? 👀Feb 8 2021
Prompt 17: ROMANCE
Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from Kianga!Feb 8 2021
If you want to be a wise charr… a beard always helps!Feb 7 2021
I’m not quite sure if “cheeky” is the best word for this one, but I guess it’s cute at least. I just knew I wanted something with a blep. 😼Feb 6 2021
Should have used Bangar for this one.Feb 5 2021
The idea for today’s prompt “mysterious” was stolen, err, inspired by this gorgeous art by Vae: 4 2021
Kianga doing an Amicus impression, for those who have played Adastra.Feb 3 2021
For day two we have the prompt “menacing”, and Tabra suggested I do a certain meme. I didn’t know the reference previously, but I hope I did it correctly. 😹Feb 2 2021
Soo, I want to do the 28 Portrait Challenge this month, with the goal of practicing my character expressions. For day one we have “feisty” - an easy start, because I feel that’s often Kianga’s default expression. 😼Feb 1 2021
A little motivation for your Monday!Jan 31 2021
A virtual pinboard featuring artwork of my characters done by other artists over the years—either commissioned by me, or gifted to me.Jan 22 2021
Prompt 16: NURTURE
He’ll be fierce and strong one day!Jan 20 2021
After BattleJan 19 2021
A Frost Legion version of Kernas Schi, based on a previous sculpt. Less fluffy, but still handsome!Jan 18 2021
Prompt 15: TRADITION
“The charr have a tradition with whiskey that’s almost as old as that with war - the former is much more pleasant though! I recently had the privilege of visiting one of our finest breweries, Fifth Legion Whiskey in Lion’s Arch.” Scene for my patron Warrick, based on the prompt “tradition” and referencing a short story he wrote a while ago. Thank you for both! 🧡Jan 15 2021
One planet, two moons. (I’ve always wanted to try a space scene.)Jan 15 2021
“Need a head bashed in?” I had a lot of fun modeling the Genesis hammer, Garro’s signature weapon. Thank you Tabra for the commission!Jan 13 2021
3D bust of Ranok from the fantasy visual novel “Far Beyond the World” by Kael TigerJan 8 2021
Sculpted bust commission featuring Yami Whitemane! It was a pleasure working on your charr, thank you for the commission! 🧡Jan 4 2021
Well, this has been a year. Thank you for the kind support and encouragement, and I wish you all a happy new year 2021! Please stay safe and healthy!Dec 31 2020
One of my favorite moments in battle is gliding down from high above - gives you a whole new perspective on the battlefield.Dec 29 2020
For the prompt “Wintersday tree” from Coffee Kitten: Don’t just decorate the tree, become the tree. Kianga and Bruce wish you happy holidays - and thank you for all the support and encouragement this year! 🎄Dec 23 2020
My second full-body charr commission: Ignado Flaredancer, Flame Legion Shaman! It was a real pleasure working with his design, and I hope you like him too! Thank you for the commission! Credit for the Binding of Ipos book (original design by ArenaNet) goes to my partner Keeya, who let us use his model for the rendered scene: 22 2020
A full set of Blood Legion armor for my charr warrior, based on a custom design by Wilderwuff. I don’t have much experience with armor modeling and design yet, and having concept art to work with has been invaluable. Thank you so much, Wuff! This is for the legionnaire rank; there will also be separate outfits for the soldier and centurion ranks. You can also see the concepts for these above.Dec 11 2020
“If you think I can fight, wait till you see me dance.” Reeva was chosen in last month’s Patreon poll. Took a bit longer than intended as I’m still struggling with female charr faces, but after seeing her painted I think it’s reasonably close? Hope you like her! Background credit: Screenshot from Hero’s Canton in Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNetNov 27 2020
An experimental scene - I find it refreshing to try something stylized once in a while. With Kianga this usually means VERY RED. 😼Nov 24 2020
Animation commission for Tabra! 🤘 Unlike my sculpted busts, Garro has paws and he’s not afraid to use them.Nov 23 2020
Sculpted bust for Sayna Jaye of her wonderful soft gentle giant charr, Teklau Darkwrench. Thank you for the commission! 💙Nov 20 2020
Prompt 12: SUPPORT
A trained warrior isn’t just a formidable opponent on the battlefield, their banners also inspire allies—and they’re great for parties! 🎉Nov 15 2020
Prompt 11: PROTECT
Blood Legion isn’t just great at taking things from the enemy, we’re pretty darn good at keeping them too.Nov 13 2020
Prompt 10: SWAP
My charr warrior, Kianga Snowstorm, turned into a wolf. How did this happen? 🐺 Quick sculpting project for the prompt “swap” from my patron Warrick. Thank you for your support! 🧡Nov 12 2020
Third Charrtober Special commission of a very fluffy charr, Haelios Sunkeeper. Thank you for the commission! 🧡 Background image credit: Jason Leung on Unsplash 11 2020
Keep your weapons sharp, and your claws sharper!Nov 11 2020
Second Charrtober Special commission featuring Kernas Schi - thank you for the commission! 💜Nov 5 2020
The first of my Charrtober Specials, of Ignado Flaredancer. It was a pleasure working on this handsome charr - thank you for the commission!Nov 2 2020
Don’t you hate slogging through snow? What if you could just float over it on a murderous machine made of flames and spikes? Like a snowboard, except made for war… the… Snow Warboard? You can download the 3D model for the Snow Warboard as a JAGUAR-tier supporter on my Patreon and Ko-fi!Oct 31 2020
It’s not the size that matters.Oct 30 2020
The best kind of strength is the one that lets you carry your friends.Oct 29 2020
Just a regular day in Drizzlewood.Oct 28 2020
When I first met Steel Warband in that vision, I hoped we might be able to turn some of them to our side. But charr don’t leave their warband like a human would quit a job. They are bound, by more than blood.Oct 27 2020
Bangar Ruinbringer, imperator of the Blood Legion from Guild Wars 2 (fan art)Oct 26 2020
Saved the best banner for last! Kianga insisted to be on the picture this time.Oct 25 2020
I wonder if Dominion Commendations are given out by the Dominion (and then taken by us as loot), or by the United Legions for defeating Dominion forces.Oct 24 2020
… of course the real question is, how do you store and transport a few thousand Dominion commendations in a war zone?Oct 24 2020
The weather… very peculiar, don’t you think?Oct 23 2020
Ash Legion Venom Box, “for medicinal use”Oct 22 2020
Went to battle and forgot your sword at home? No problem, your friendly elementalist always has your back with a fiery greatsword! Just make sure your shirt is non-flammable. Unless you forgot that too.Oct 21 2020
There’s a formidable arsenal available at the United Legions waystations. Explosive charges, medizookas, even EMPs. One rumor about those says that if you know the right settings, you can actually use them to cook a steak. 🤔Oct 20 2020
Malice Swordshadow, Imperator of the Ash Legion (Guild Wars 2 fan art)Oct 19 2020
The world is full of opposites: Light and shadow. Friends and enemies. The daily life of a Blood legionnaire and - very rarely - sweet, sweet silence.Oct 18 2020
You don’t hear them coming from miles away like Iron. They don’t boast or brawl like Blood. If Ash is your enemy, you won’t even see a face as a dagger pierces your back.Oct 17 2020
“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.”Oct 16 2020
A charr’s favorite kind of machine!Oct 15 2020
Lost Charr Supply Drop! I wonder what’s in there…Oct 14 2020
Prompt 9: GODS
Charr have a long history with gods. It never ends well… for the gods.Oct 14 2020
A recreation of one of the earliest scenes I’ve ever rendered with Kianga, for his sixth (in-game) birthday. Now he has passed his eighth, which means two additional chocolate cakes to balance. No worries, he’s a big charr and still has room for more.Oct 13 2020
Smodur the Unflinching, Imperator of the Iron Legion (Guild Wars 2 fan art)Oct 12 2020
3D reference sheet of my charr warrior, Kianga Snowstorm.Oct 12 2020
Kianga trying out the Medizooka - I am pretty sure this is not safe, for anyone involved.Oct 11 2020
Did you ever wake up in a dark alley, with no idea how you got there, holding a bunch of explosives with a lit fuse? Yeah, me neither.Oct 10 2020
@kaapora_art asked on Twitter: “Do charr have four earbuds???” I hope this answers that. 😼Oct 10 2020
No nerdy tinkerers hiding in engineering workshops—they’re very much charr with sharp claws and an iron will to win.Oct 9 2020
“Drinking it will probably not have any lasting effects.” Uh, can I get a second opinion on that? (Mmm, Jormag Juice.)Oct 8 2020
Efram Greetsglory, acting imperator of the Flame Legion from Guild Wars 2 (fan art)Oct 7 2020
Oh sure Kianga, keep on dreaming.Oct 6 2020
It became quite clear early on at the fahrar that Kianga’s strengths were more of the… physical kind.Oct 5 2020
As a warrior Kianga can’t do fancy magic but sometimes he gets glowy red paws.Oct 4 2020
“Did someone call a medic?” Skarr is excited about getting to heal the warband by shooting them. For some reason his ‘bandmates do not quite share his enthusiasm.Oct 3 2020
Charr are proud of their scars. They remind us of battles we’ve survived, and that we’re still standing. But not all scars come from the battlefield - some battles are fought within ourselves. Are they worth less, or more?Oct 2 2020
Starting Charrtober with something simple: the banner of my second-favorite legion. At least… more recently. 🔥Oct 1 2020
You can blame my patron Tabra this time: “You said you liked hoodies without sleeves, but are you ready for sleeves without the hoodie?” Based on this Twitter outfit meme: 26 2020
Prompt 8: RAIN
Who said cats don’t like water?Sep 20 2020
Prompt 7: GARDEN
During the warband’s last visit to Lion’s Arch they came across a human merchant who sold tiny trees. Said they came from Cantha, but surely that can’t be right? In any case, Skarr decided they’re adorable (the trees, not the merchant) and had to buy one.Sep 14 2020
Prompt 6: CONQUER
When my patron Tabra gave me the prompt “conquer” for this month, my first thought was some kind of battle scene, obviously. So I did an image search for inspiration, and the first thing that popped up was a famous poster featuring Arnie in front of a crowd… and I knew what I had to do.Sep 8 2020
Ready to slay your pixels! Just a quick experiment with a low-poly style. I’ve always wanted to try this - it’s kinda cute, but also more time-consuming than I expected. Not sure if I want to go further in that direction, but it was a fun little project. :)Sep 5 2020
Sculpted Bust
Bust sculpting commission for Lolsanchez3 of his dragon character, Savron.Sep 3 2020
Aaaah! Charrtober, my favorite time of the year, is getting closer! If you’d like to join me this year, I’ll post my own prompts (but not the art yet) in advance on Twitter, every day in September, along with screenshots for inspiration.Aug 30 2020
Bust sculpting commission for FuzzBear91 of their alien bear character, Rogan Bulwark. I’m always excited when I get to sculpt different kinds of creatures, and an alien bear was a fun new challenge for me. Hope you like him! Background image credit: Jamieson Murphy on Unsplash 29 2020
I blame Sayna for this: A charr-ified version of the outfit with some modifications because who wants to wear long sleeves in these temperatures? 💦Aug 21 2020
Prompt 5: DEFEAT
“And this, cubs, is what happens when you charge into battle without your armor.” For the prompt “defeat” given by my patron the Coffee Kitten I thought I’d try a more comical style. Don’t worry, there’s a reason why the warband has a necromancer as medic.Aug 18 2020
My first experimental full-body sculpting commission for Tabra of his charr warrior, Garro Facebreaker. Garro may be a big strong charr but he also has a sense of style, as you can tell from his rather exquisite underwear.Aug 17 2020
First attempt at a simple 2D portrait of my charr warrior, using my 3D model as a referenceAug 15 2020
Just the right thing to wear for your summer vacation in Labyrinthine Cliffs! Blood Legion design, of course.Aug 12 2020
Prompt 4: HORIZONS
Terrible things lurk just beyond the horizon… but Kianga is ready for them. (I hope.) Scene for my patron Loki, based on the prompt “horizons”. I wanted to contrast the Drizzlewood landscape with a view of the Frost Citadel, which sadly does not work in the actual geography of the map. Luckily I can cheat! As always, I like to build my scenes around actual screenshots to make them fit better with the game world (and also because it sometimes saves me a lot of time, cough).Aug 11 2020
What if your dreams are not your own…? My patron Bao gave me the prompt “nightmare” for this month, and I tried to come up with a spooky scene that could fit the current story. Don’t worry, Kianga is safe and hasn’t turned into an icy monster. Yet.Aug 10 2020
Birthday gift for Sayna Jaye and her absolutely metal charr lady, Kirnaash Soulpyre. Happy birthday, Sayna! 🎉Aug 4 2020
A little thank you for my friend EvilPol: a sculpted bust of his revenant, Fenrar Mistwalker. I hope you like him! (You’re both awesome.) The spots on his face are a stylized vitiligo pattern, based on a drawn reference. I love how this looks almost like a starry sky.Aug 3 2020
“Frost Legion, bah! You think we need some creepy ice magic to look cool?”Jul 31 2020
As much as we charr love our city of steel, it’s not the most pleasant place in the summer. Luckily we’ve got our two lakes nearby to cool down… 💦 A quick scene based on the prompt “heatwave” (thank you Bao 🧡) and to show off Kianga’s new Blood Legion swimwear!Jul 17 2020
Sculpted bust of Loki’s drake character, Magnus Renatus. Since this isn’t a textured model I tried to use light to reflect some of the colors from the reference sheet. I hope it worked! Challenging project, but good practice! Thank you Loki for your support and patience. 🧡Jul 14 2020
Not sure if the charr know anything about socialism but they sure have the teeth. Frankly I’m not sure how this started - I woke up today to find my Twitter feed full of very handsome looking smiles under the hashtag #socialistteeth and Kianga just had to join them.Jul 9 2020
My second charr in the new style: Skarr Blacksnow, necromancer and Snow Warband’s medic. His bedside manners always raise the warband’s spirits. (Get it? Raise the… yes, yes, I’ll show myself out.)Jul 7 2020
A quick experimental piece while I’m working on the next full-body sculpt. I wanted to do a back view of Kianga (because honestly I’m still proud how it turned out) and I was looking for an opportunity to use some new effect overlays I acquired recently. I think they work well here?Jun 30 2020
Here’s something completely different from what I usually post. I wanted a distraction from sculpting, so I played with Affinity Designer and this came out. Maybe it’s a little derpy, but I had fun. 😸Jun 24 2020
Prompt 2: COOKING
My interpretation of the original Cook’s Outfit from the game, with an extra bit of Blood Legion flavor. Based on the prompt FOOD/COOKING from my patron Bao—thank you for the inspiration! 🧡Jun 17 2020
Sculpted bust and birthday gift for the wonderful Coffee Kitten of his charr lady, Tamka Ironpaw! 🎂🎈Jun 15 2020
Sculpted bust for Loki, as a gift for his friend Vae! I’ve sculpted charr with this face type before - multiple times actually, not surprising because that face is so handsome - but I try to find unique features each time. For Vae here we turned the spikes or horns on his eyebrows and chin into tufts of hair instead, making him look more soft and fluffy. Hope you like him!Jun 11 2020
Sculpting commission for Umbra of their charr lady, Umbra Velvetpaw. Umbra asked me to give her a puppy-eyed look, and I tried! I still struggle with making charr look not angry when viewed from the front (maybe it’s all the teeth?) but I hope it turned out okay! 👀 It was a pleasure working on this charr lady - thank you for the commission! 🧡Jun 2 2020
Untextured sculpting commission for Sayna Jaye of her charr, Kirnaash Soulpyre. Sayna provided me with isometric artwork so I could properly model this custom horn design - it was a pleasure to work on this, thank you for the commission! 🧡May 27 2020
Ah, nothing like relaxing during a warm Grothmar night and snuggling with your… pocket raptor? 🤔 My friend and patron Danero gave me the prompt “cuddle attack”, and since I don’t have a second charr model in the new style yet… just watch your nose, Kianga.May 21 2020
Sculpting commission for Athaina Shadowclaw Painting fur is still a challenge for me, but I tried to refine my technique here and make her fur look extra soft. I hope I could do her justice!May 20 2020
A birthday cake for my friend and guildmate, Gorfell Dreadfate! Can you guess where I got those strawberries? 🍓 Happy birthday Gorfell and stay awesome, Blood Brother! And if you’re craving strawberry chocolate cake now, I found this recipe: 19 2020
Sculpted bust commission for Tabra of his awesome grumpy charr, Garro Facebreaker!May 14 2020
Patreon reward for Loki, a sculpted bust of his friend Kazul Muddypaws. This was a fun project! I’ve never done this type of horns before, and if there’s one thing I love it’s adding metal parts to characters. I don’t know, it just feels so… charr. I hope you like it, and thank you Loki for your support! 🧡May 8 2020
We’ll never know what has him so fascinated, but one thing is certain: Thel’s beach parties are legendary. Patreon reward for the most wonderful Coffee Kitten! ☕😼May 5 2020
“Shh, I promised not to tell anyone…” I imagine this scene in the past, with Kianga as a cub stealing some strawberries - that’s why you only see his paw here. Although you’re never too old to steal strawberries, I guess? Thought I’d take a quick break from character sculpting. This is one of my favorite places in Ascalon: Anya’s hidden strawberry patch in Diessa Plateau. Such a peaceful spot.Apr 27 2020
A little gift and practice project for a dear friend of mine, Danero - he’s not a charr but a fluffy dragon! Hope you like him!Apr 23 2020
I found this art meme thing on Twitter and since I love playing with lighting I just couldn’t resist. Turned out more difficult than I thought! As for “favorite”, I’d say it depends on the scene but I do have a soft spot for colorful rim lights. Meme found here: 21 2020
This is Bruce, my pocket raptor.Apr 20 2020
There’s an old Blood Legion tradition: Gladia who seek another chance by fighting in the Ooze Pit sometimes visit the Blood Lagoon the night before, to throw away their most prized possession, leaving it for whoever finds it.Apr 17 2020
The Ooze Pit is exhausting, okay? A little test scene for Kianga’s new model. Still got a few issues to figure out with the rig - getting a charr to sit properly is usually the hardest part.Apr 16 2020
When you’ve got no clothes, an axe works too.Apr 14 2020
“Given to young legionnaires when they graduate from the fahrar and take command of their warband.” Noticed this icon as I was following Ryland Steelcatcher’s Footsteps (the collection for the flamesaw) and thought this would make a nice little weekend project. Of course Kianga still has his badge!Mar 28 2020
Textured sculpting commission for Mona Controlla of their beautiful charr lady. This took me a while… At first I had no idea how I was going to do those braids but with some texturing magic and the help of Substance Designer I think they turned out nicely? Overall I’m very happy with the result! Hope you like her, and thank you for the commission! 💜Mar 25 2020
For rhee.gw2 on Instagram, who tagged me to draw a banana. If you’ve played any of the Worms games, you’ll know that bananas are no laughing matter.Mar 20 2020
Sculpting and texture painting commission for Alec of Snackers the Charr. This may be the cutest charr I’ve had the pleasure of working on so far. And I’m totally not saying that because he’s got a similar face as my own warrior. Went for a realistic style again, and I’m very happy with the result. Hope you like him too!Mar 18 2020
Sculpting & texture painting commission for Baothghalach of their charr, Quintilius Ripper. This was an interesting challenge. My previous sculpts were all based on screenshot references, but this time I used Bao’s art as the primary reference instead, and the info that Quint’s facial proportions are based on a jaguar. Bao asked me to paint him in my older simplified style, but I tried to add a little bit of shading and color variation too.Mar 17 2020
Remember to use a real one when you need to blow off steam - your ‘bandmates will appreciate it. A simple stylized scene I’ve been working on between commissions this week. Most of the work here was figuring out the lighting and volumetrics (fog/steam), which is always my favorite part to do. I also wasted a bit of time trying to build a pipe system in the background to give the scene a more charr/industrial look, but eventually decided that it only added distraction and that the scene was better off without it.Mar 13 2020
My first sculpting commission for Jineb of their charr Argos Khornyr from Guild Wars 2. The most detailed sculpt I’ve done so far. This will also be 3D printed as a 10 cm figure, so I’ve kept the detail on the horns exaggerated in the hopes that it will be visible in the print. I hope you like it, and thank you Jineb for the commission! 💗 Also check out the 3D printed version, painted by Jineb:Mar 10 2020
My little weekend project! The most fun part of this was placing all the bolts on this beast of a tank - around 500 of them, and that’s just one half. I don’t envy the charr engineers who have to build these. (But damn is it worth it!) You can download the source files for this model as a JAGUAR-tier supporter on my Patreon!Mar 8 2020
plavigmaz asked via Tumblr: “🎵 Pick a song and draw your OC to one of the lyrics - for Ark” Within Temptation - Stand My Ground Stand my ground, I won’t give in No more denying, I’ve gotta face it Won’t close my eyes and hide the truth inside If I don’t make it, someone else will Stand my ground (Lyrics written by Han’some, Daniel Gibson, Sharon J. den Adel, Robert Westerholt)Mar 2 2020
Another practice sculpt and a little gift for a very kind and generous charr. Thank you Sylas for your support, and I hope you like it! 🧡Feb 28 2020
Sidewinder30k asked via Tumblr: “🎵 Pick a song and draw your OC to one of the lyrics” Beating, bleeding heart First warband to last stand Horns, claws, fangs Bound by Blood The song’s a little obvious perhaps, but I felt like doing something fun and over the top. Hope you like it!Feb 27 2020
Snow Warband’s centurion has a simple and efficient command style. If you’re unsure about one of her decisions, she’s always happy to explain it to you hands on, in the Bane.Feb 25 2020
Sometimes love comes from unexpected places. Just a quick scene today - a request from EvilPol on Tumblr: “Draw your OC getting kissed” for Ark.Feb 24 2020
The moment Chui knew he was going to become an engineer. I’ve never done a charr cub before, hope you like little Chui! Textured speed sculpt, all in one day! This was fun but uhh I need a break now. 💦Feb 21 2020
I did a draw/ask meme thing on Tumblr, and Warrick Ashblood asked: “Draw your OC with their sexual orientation pride” for Kianga or Storm. Here’s both of them. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of art, just two proud charr - each in their own way.Feb 20 2020
I did a draw/ask meme thing on Tumblr, and Warrick Ashblood asked: “Draw your OC with their sexual orientation pride” for Kianga or Storm. Here’s both of them. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of art, just two proud charr - each in their own way.Feb 20 2020
If you’ve been to Grothmar Valley, I hope you’ll recognize these! Thought I’d do something “simple” after all this sculpting, so here are the Keys to the Khan-Ur Vault, with a little more detail. Can you make out the locking mechanism?Feb 19 2020
A little gift and practice sculpt of my friend’s character, Valynxia Drakemend.Feb 18 2020
Now he’s snarly and fluffy. Tried a more realistic style for this one, much closer to the original game texture. Hope you like it! First time I’ve used the new automatic UV unwrapping in Substance Painter: I just dropped my unedited sculpt into the app and it worked flawlessly - very cool. Also used my first Substance Designer material here to make a simple fur brush.Feb 17 2020
A snarly face! Practice sculpt of my revenant, Ark Snowblind. I’ve always had difficulty getting his face right with his previous model, but I feel like this is finally getting closer.Feb 16 2020
You may think Valentine’s Day is bad, but it’s nothing compared to an elder dragon’s poetry.Feb 12 2020
Huh. I didn’t have a plan for this scene other than wanting to experiment with isometric perspective. It began as an outdoor scene in Grothmar Valley, then turned into an indoor scene in Blood Keep - I even made the triple bunk beds, but the room felt too cluttered. Eventually I arrived at this surreal floaty space thing. Don’t ask me what it means, but I kinda like it. Hope you do too.Feb 11 2020
As requested in a recent Patreon poll, here’s an ice sculpt of a real feline, a jaguar - with a fancy red ribbon for a bit of contrast. I used multiple references for this one, but it still feels like something about the jaw is slightly off. Hmm.Feb 10 2020
… for a fierce charr lady and respected Ash Legion tribune: Happy birthday Hadjarah Brokenfang, aka charrior-of-ash on Tumblr! This cake comes with sharp dagger you can use to cut a slice… or stab anyone who tries to steal it. 😼Feb 6 2020
Happy birthday to my paw-some friend Loki! Don’t worry, these cookies come in charr-sized boxes. 💕Feb 6 2020
My first fully sculpted charr bust, of my ex-Olmakhan Blood Legion druid Jaom. There’s a lot more detail I could have worked on, but I’d rather finish this and get some more basic sculpting practice first. Just to be clear, the ice texture here is not sculpted - it’s a shader I’ve made for my practice sculpts, so they don’t look quite so boring even if they’re still a little low on detail.Feb 3 2020
“Ugh, why is it always portals? Can’t we just use a door?” Kianga doesn’t trust mesmer portals, and he’s still not convinced that magical birds are any more trustworthy. (I hope Raven won’t judge me too harshly for that quick sculpting attempt there…)Feb 1 2020
Motivational warrior is here to save another Monday! Say what you want about the whole Jormag thing, the Shiverpeaks are great for staying in shape: Take a quick jog through the mountains, watch an amazing sunrise, and be back just in time for breakfast. Fun fact: Charr anatomy was not made for push-ups. Not that they lack the strength, but their neck is so long that they’d constantly boop the ground with their nose.Jan 27 2020
baomooshka asked via Tumblr: “What is storms favorite element? What is his favorite mix of elements? Does he have any favorite practices to hone his elemental powers?” Storm: “I’m a weaver, and that means I can’t play favorites with the elements—I have to keep them all in balance to be effective. Requires lots of practice and meditation. At least that’s the theory. But you know what? Efficiency isn’t everything. There’s a reason why both FIRE and FUN start with an F.Jan 24 2020
Kianga just learned the hard way that you don’t start a water fight with an elementalist. They cheat. I just opened Blender and started playing with the fluid simulation features, and it somehow turned into this silly scene. No serious backstory behind it, just two charr having fun. Well, one of them more than the other…Jan 23 2020
In the Blood Legion, every day is leg day. Last week a guildmate mentioned something about not skipping leg day, so uh, here’s another motivational warrior for your Monday.Jan 20 2020
Is this delicious raspberry chocolate cream cake real or just an illusion? Only one way to find out! A happy birthday to my most wonderful partner and crafty mesmer cat, Keeya! 💜Jan 15 2020
“Pull yourself up soldier, no one’s going to do it for you!” Have a motivational warrior to start your week.Jan 13 2020
“When Kralkatorrik murdered Soul Warband, he made the mistake of leaving one survivor. General Soulkeeper did not rest until the dragon was dead and her warband was avenged. “Whoever did this made an even greater mistake: The Pact was Almorra’s new warband. We are still alive, and we are coming for you.”Jan 6 2020
It’s amazing what you can find in the Mists… better eat that cake before it floats away! A wonderful and happy birthday to my revenant friend Fenrar aka EvilPol! I wish you all the best for the new year! 💚Jan 2 2020
Never thought I’d agree with that dragon… Happy birthday to my shiniest crystal friend, Sam! 23 2019
Ahh, that sound… one of the most satisfying warrior skills.Dec 11 2019
“An axe cuts through a forest not because of its size, but its endurance.” Matshona DhliwayoNov 27 2019
You’re gonna have to try harder than that, Jormag…Nov 21 2019
Even more than the financial help, knowing that someone cares enough about my art to support me on this journey… it’s amazing. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness. 💗Nov 19 2019
Kianga: “Storm, we need some fire.” Storm: “How much? Want an inferno, or maybe a cozy wildf—” Kianga: “It has to be green.” Storm: “… what?” Kianga: “It’s for Fenrar. It’s his favorite color.” Storm: “My fire isn’t green. I’d look like a necromancer!” Skarr: “Oi, what’s wrong with necromancers?” Storm: sigh… Just a little thank you for a guildmate because he’s awesome.Nov 13 2019
A quick thank you scene in response to my shiny crystal friend Sam, who surprised me with this cute doodle of Kianga today: 12 2019
An anonymous person on Tumblr asked: “What are some of your character’s bad habits/negative attributes?” We all have our weird habits. Storm likes to set things on fire. Like himself. Apparently this is fun. For an elementalist.Nov 11 2019
“For a long time I was angry with her warband for not having her back when she was killed in that pointless bar fight, but in recent months I’ve come to realize that life is too short to waste our time with old grudges. It’s not helping her, it’s not helping them or me - time to move on. “Remember the past, but look to the future.” And this concludes this year’s Charrtober!Oct 31 2019
“The Blood Legion is my mother. The Blood Legion is my father.” The Blood Legion is also his blanket.Oct 30 2019
Here’s an unexpected side project I got: Our guild leader Minarr is doing a charity stream for ArenaNet’s Extra Life event and asked me if it was possible to use one of my charr models together with FaceRig. Basically it uses a webcam to translate your head movements to a 3D model, so you can appear on stream as a charr! Setting this up was… interesting. I had to take some shortcuts and couldn’t transfer all of the textures, but we got it done just in time.Oct 30 2019
A shout-out to my awesome charr buddies at Charr Against Humanity! <3Oct 29 2019
Shouldn’t have tried that bloodstone-infused chocolate cake recipe…Oct 28 2019
“Seriously, who makes all these arrows?”Oct 27 2019
Memories of ancient battles floating in the void. Who were they fighting? What were they defending? Only the Mists know.Oct 26 2019
“You damn coward! If you don’t have the guts to stand up to your centurion, at least stand up to your own warband.”Oct 25 2019
Another quick scene for a nice person on Tumblr (there sure are a lot of them!) 25 2019
“Our orders were to destroy a Flame Legion camp near the Black Citadel. We were quick and efficient, it was over in a matter of seconds. “Only they weren’t soldiers. They were defectors. Centurion Duskmane had told me this quite plainly—and then gave the order to leave no survivors.Oct 24 2019
“As legionnaire I’m not just commanding soldiers, I’m taking care of the closest thing I have to a family. They trust me, and I must not let them down.” “But in our first year as a warband, I did.”Oct 23 2019
A quick render I made for a nice person on Tumblr: 23 2019
Kianga is not impressed. Except by the chair. He really likes that one.Oct 22 2019
Yeah Metal Legion is awesome, but have you ever heard a full Blood Legion company march in formation? THAT is music.Oct 21 2019
Kianga has his own way of escaping labyrinths.Oct 20 2019
Naughty little fly Why does it cry? Caught in a web, Soon will be… eatenOct 19 2019
Sometimes you just gotta sit and think.Oct 18 2019
Kianga practicing his Khan-Ur impression. Gotta be prepared, right? I based this on the Gaze of the Khan-Ur skin from the game, with a bit of artistic license and a lot of shiny.Oct 17 2019
Master Carver!Oct 16 2019
“Let me oooooout!”Oct 15 2019
“I don’t mind ghosts as long as they’re the angry type that wants to kill you. I can handle that. But these floaty wispy things? Ugh.”Oct 14 2019
“You made a poster for us? Thanks boss, that’s very… interesting. You think maybe we should uhh, you know, get a second opinion on that?”Oct 13 2019
I mean yes, they’re SNOW Warband, but I’m not sure what Ark is trying to prove here…Oct 12 2019
“In the Blood Legion, victory is earned - not given.”Oct 11 2019
“Yeah it’s tempting, but I’m not touching this stuff. If the whiskey doesn’t kill you, the Imperator definitely will.”Oct 10 2019
What is a warband: A military unit? Friends? Family? It’s complicated.Oct 9 2019
Despite having attended every single Metal Legion concert, the warband still hasn’t agreed on which song is the best. Ark’s crazy about “Bound by Blood” (best legion!), Skarr loves “Fear the Metal Legion” (great lyrics!), but Kianga prefers the “Ballad of Soulkeeper” (because the only thing better than a great song is a great song where you also get to smash things to pieces).Oct 8 2019
Raptors are red Skimmers are blue But what I really want Is a Dune Roller - and you? I’m afraid the car looks more cute than dangerous - I wish I could have had a bit more time to work on this, but that’s just how it is with daily scenes. Hope you like it anyway!Oct 7 2019
A Deldrimor Steel Ingot, based on the icon[1] from the game. “Friendly reminder: While “ascended” sounds very lofty, these ingots are forged from fifty iron, steel, and darksteel ingots and do in fact descend very rapidly if you drop them by accident. On your paw, for example. Not that this would happen to me.” hobbles awayOct 6 2019
“You’re next.” Okaaay, I have never in my life sculpted a dragon, and the only reference being that short moment from the trailer didn’t make that task easier - it was fun though! I hope Jormag is at least somewhat recognizable.Oct 5 2019
“It’s a common misconception that magic users are weak and frail. If your body is not in balance, how can you hope to balance the energy of the elements?” But really, Storm, you don’t need to make such a show of it…Oct 4 2019
“You think warriors don’t use magic? When you’ve got a blade stuck in your chest or deadly poison gas in your lungs, all your muscles and determination are not going to save you.” That was a lesson I received from our primus during our first warrior training. As a cub I never wanted to deal with magic—didn’t trust it. I’ve always preferred simple, tangible things, but it turns out that even warriors tap into energy that is… beyond.Oct 3 2019
… of the Ooze Pit “Alright, it’s not the most prestigious title, but the warband’s having a blast there. Someone’s got to show the gladia how it’s done, right? “Just remember: First the ooze pit, then the booze pit. We messed up that order once and… let’s just say, trying to open negotiations with a blob of ooze was not a viable strategy.”Oct 2 2019
“Legionnaire.” Kianga’s hand twitched to his dagger, almost spilling his mug of ale. The atmosphere in Blood Keep had been getting more tense every day, but what’s worse: he knew that voice. He turned around towards a massive hulk of a charr. Blood Legion armor, no helm, gray fur, with a deep scar running across her nose and forehead. Her eyes were clear and fierce. “Foeraze.” She raised her right paw—empty—in a gesture of peace.Oct 1 2019
Garro is back, just in time for a visit to the Blood Lagoon! Which also happens to be Kianga’s favorite spot in Grothmar Valley. And they’re such posers… Ahh, this took me a while but it was worth it. I made lots of changes and refinements to Garro’s model, texture, and rig - big thank you to Tabra for his support and his excellent feedback during the process. The original version of this scene featured Garro alone, but then Tabra suggested that Kianga should have a cameo, and this happened.Sep 23 2019
Legion United BOUND BY BLOOD I was riding around Grothmar Valley and noticed these super cheesy propaganda posters, and I love them.Sep 22 2019
Bao asked via Tumblr: “Kianga - Do they have many fond childhood memories?” Kianga: “When we were a little older, our primus took us to the Loreclaw Expanse, old human ruins south of Ascalon Basin. That was back when the area wasn’t crawling with separatists. He warned us about the traps in those ruins but let us explore freely, so we went looking for ghosts, and treasure! “And it was awesome.Sep 7 2019
WyvrnDWRipsnarl asked me via Twitter: “How does Kianga looks without/before his eyepatch?” I’ve done a few scenes during Charrtober 2018 that showed him before he got an eye patch, but here is a quick scene with his current model. It doesn’t have an actual scar for his left eye - yet. I’m tempted to do that next time I update his model. I imagine it would look similar to General Martok, in the later seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.Sep 7 2019
Do not get between a charr and his burger. I think I want to do more food scenes - I never thought sculpting burger sauce could be so much fun.Aug 28 2019
A challenge he never imagined. A primus he never expected. Uh, please excuse the cheesy tagline. This is based on a prompt “Chui as a movie star”, provided by my friend and patron Sidewinder30k. Chui is a martial arts expert, and while I haven’t seen the 2010 remake of the film (I hear the reviews were… mixed), I do like the original poster design. Besides, everything’s better with charr, right?Aug 27 2019
“My friend Thel has been giving me lots of useful business advice, and I thought I’d return the favor by giving him some combat lessons - you know, for advanced business negotiations.” “As a warrior I’ve fought with all kinds of weapons: greatswords, maces, axes, daggers, but I must admit, that dagger/coffee combo was new to me. Good thing that mug is made of solid steel.”Aug 19 2019
“Are you sure this is a staff…?” Ark isn’t quite convinced. A staff is more of a support weapon for a revenant, and this thing doesn’t look very supportive to him. (Psst, that’s because it’s not meant for you, Ark.) The model is based on the Reclaimed Staff skin, with a few elements of my own design. The Reclaimed Weapons are another favorite weapon set of mine: Kianga also has a Reclaimed Shield, for the rare occasions when he needs one.Aug 15 2019
“We’ve dealt with Flame Legion, we’ve dealt with Inquest, we’ve dealt with Elder Dragons the size of an island. They didn’t scare me. But ever since we returned from Dragonfall, there have been strange incidents: Reports get lost. Weapons misplaced, and later found where they shouldn’t have been. Strange noises late at night. We’re being followed, and whoever it is wants to be noticed.” A quick little scene to give you a sneak peek at a new weapon I’ve been working on.Aug 13 2019
The warband’s been enjoying their summer holidays, but things are about to get a little heated… This scene went through so many iterations. Originally I planned to have it resemble the Labyrinthine Cliffs, but I wasn’t happy with the color scheme and the mood it set - so in the end I decided to go with a more neutral tropical beach look. Kianga’s awesome Blood Legion beach chair in this scene was generously contributed by my partner Keeya.Aug 9 2019
“The Blood Legion is my mother. The Blood Legion is my father. We charr are born into battle, we live on the fields of war. And I… I will die fighting.” Rawr! I’ve always loved the rough painterly style of the original Guild Wars 2 cinematics, and this piece was of course inspired by the Blood Legion intro that plays right after character creation. I started with a normal 3D render of Kianga in his battle armor, but then discarded everything but the outline and composited the rest in Affinity Designer.Aug 3 2019
The warband got new swimwear, just in time for their summer vacation! I may have taken a little inspiration from Zootopia here… It’s difficult to see in the render, but the material is actually red metallic. Yes, yes, good old Blood Legion subtlety.Aug 1 2019
What do you do when the weather is too hot and you’re all covered in fur? You take it like a charr… and find a box to nap on. Side story: Had a talk with a friend a while ago, and they told me that I wasn’t making progress with my art, that I should try some new things. They were right in some way, but this little comment made me feel so bad about my work that I could no longer get anything done.Jul 25 2019
Sometimes it’s just… meh.Jul 24 2019
‘Scuse me, just vent art. I’ve had no working internet connection since last Friday, and getting this fixed has been nothing but delays after delays after delays. And every day I’ve got the choice between no internet or paying for mobile data which is apparently powered by angel’s tears or something, considering the price. Just grrr.Jul 10 2019
I posted one of these art memes on Tumblr and Haruka Emberfall asked: “Draw your OC as a deity, in godlike clothing”. Of course that had to be Storm! I’m always super reluctant to use cloth simulation in Blender because it seems so unpredictable and I usually spend hours tweaking it - but this isn’t too bad, I guess?Jul 4 2019
Kianga: “Thunderhead Keep. The assault on Kralkatorrik wasn’t our greatest moment. Not for the Pact, and not for us as warband supporting it. Mistakes were made—unnecessary mistakes—and things were said… it might not have made a difference in the end, but still. Best not to dwell on it.” Another request by Haruka Emberfall on Tumblr: “Draw your OC the maddest they’ve ever been.” This is a rather simple scene really, not much to do besides posing and lighting, but I quite like how it turned out.Jul 4 2019
“I’m supposed to do WHAT with the tea…?” I have no idea what Boba Tea is, but I’ve seen art on Twitter and I just had to do this with (or rather, to) Kianga. (I also really enjoy doing these stylized renders!)Jul 2 2019
Don’t even try sneaking up on him, with or without that blindfold. I’ve always loved the design of the Mistward Headwrap - it just needed more metal parts (and the Snow Warband logo), so this is my own take on it. The logo glows in the dark, of course.Jul 2 2019
Here’s Loki all dressed up and ready for Pride Month! Is he proud of his fabulous jacket, his fancy sunglasses, or maybe his cute paws? Probably all of them!Jun 26 2019
After Kianga and Storm, here’s the updated model of my revenant Ark Snowblind. He lost the blue tint (I was never quite happy with that) and got a much more detailed mane (I was definitely not happy with the old one). And if you ask him nicely, he’ll flex too.Jun 19 2019
Ahh, fiery rain falling from the sky. A soft breeze of smoke, the gentle crackling of burning wood all around you… is there a better place to relax? Not for Storm, apparently.Jun 15 2019
This cake is made with dark chocolate and the finest Elonian coffee beans and– I know that you’re already looking at that coffee mug instead. I thought I’d get you a new one, something worthy of a charr. It’s huge, made of solid Iron Legion steel, and like anything made by charr you can probably use it as a weapon somehow. Happy birthday, Sidewinder30k! <3Jun 13 2019
Some things are too much even for the bravest warrior. A very personal piece…Jun 7 2019
… with a new model! He’s pretty and he knows it. I may have gone a little overboard with those stripes, but of all my warband members Storm is probably the most extroverted and eccentric, and I’ve tried to do him justice.Jun 6 2019
You can’t fight a war without proper supply chains. So during my last visit to Amnoon, I managed to secure a few contracts with my friend Thel (pictured here). You know, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, um… sugar… vanilla… cocoa beans… Don’t look at me like that! Chocolate cakes are essential for troop morale. The trick is getting that first cake to my centurion before she sees the invoice. A little thank you for my patron Sidewinder30k, for his continued support and for the awesome art he got for me last month.Jun 3 2019
Would you care to join this handsome gentlecharr for a game of Sandstorm? (You’ll probably leave with significantly less coin, but you’ll have a great time anyway!) Loki needed a more presentable outfit than his old loincloth, so we came up with this fancy suit for him. As you can see, charr can look amazing even when not covered in spikes. (Although I was tempted for a moment to add some, just because.May 30 2019
Just a silly reaction I posted on Twitter. I realized I had never actually used my new tongue rig and eye shader with adjustable pupils in any public art, so…May 29 2019
After this encounter, scars will be the least of your problems… Patreon reward for Tabra of their fierce charr lady Kazra Scarmaker. This is my first female charr model, and I’m very proud of her! So many new things I’ve done here - including a stylized fluffy tail, smooth shading for the darker parts of the fur, carved horns, and more realistic looking cloth. I hope you like her, and thank you Tabra for your continued support!May 28 2019
My first attempt at recreating the Brand from Guild Wars 2.May 14 2019
And here is Kianga’s new casual outfit! I love having metal elements on clothing, both for charr cultural reasons and because they take on colors of the environment and make the character feel more… real, if that makes sense? Anyway, I’ve tried to make this version look more reinforced, with extra layers of leather attached with steel buttons. I also got rid of the massive Blood Legion logo on the back, and replaced it with a hopefully more elegant design on the front.May 13 2019
Okay Kianga, you can stop flexing now. Really. Kianga…? Please excuse him, he’s just very happy about his new look. I’ve been working on Kianga’s new model on and off for the last month, but this week I finally decided to get it done. I’ve tried to stay true to his design, and apply everything I’ve learned since his last makeover in December 2018. He’s got a new texture, new paws, a new mane, and even a shiny new eye patch and loincloth!May 12 2019
Okay Kianga, you can stop flexing now. Really. Kianga…? Please excuse him, he’s just very happy about his new look. I’ve been working on Kianga’s new model on and off for the last month, but this week I finally decided to get it done. I’ve tried to stay true to his design, and apply everything I’ve learned since his last makeover in December 2018. He’s got a new texture, new paws, a new mane, and even a shiny new eye patch and loincloth!May 12 2019
Brrr, I think I know why they call them the SHIVER-peaks… I traveled to the farthest edge to meet an old kodan, who taught me her secret chocolate cake recipe: This delicacy is made of dark chocolate, fresh cream, frozen winterberry jam, and blue ice crystals. Since it has to be kept at freezing temperatures I added a little charr ingenuity: a heating system to keep the cake (and its recipient) at just the right temperature.May 8 2019
Bad timing, Chui… I had so much fun taking those Holosmith screenshots that I wanted to recreate the Photon Forge effect in 3D. And then Chui needed a sparring partner, so I added Kianga and gave him a Full Counter shield. Making spell effect shaders is fun!May 6 2019
With a sharp hiss, the flame vanished. The room went dark. There was a moment of silence, then the ground began to shake. From outside the chamber, Ark could hear rubble falling. Storm! Ark ran out of the chamber, half stumbling over an old vine that had grown across the doorway. Stones, leaves, and dust were falling all around him. The earth rumbled, like he was stuck in the belly of a great beast.May 1 2019
Ark stood in the doorway, looking back at Storm. “I’ll be back, I promise…” The chamber beyond was brightly lit. A large golden brazier stood in the center, burning so brightly that Ark had to shield his eyes. Coming closer, he could make out another doorway on the other side of the room, but it was blocked by solid stone. The was no other way out than the one he had come from.Apr 30 2019
Last December, my friend Loki commissioned TideKeeper to draw our two charr having a quiet moment together. This is my interpretation of the same scene in 3D. Thank you again Loki for the gift, and TideKeeper for the sweet art! <3 I’ve used a different lighting setup here and some post-processing to get something closer to the original art style. I like the result, and I might experiment more in that direction!Apr 29 2019
Tabra had the idea to let Garro do the Hollow Victory meme that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, and this was a welcome opportunity for me to experiment with a multi-panel comic layout in 3D! Usually one of the first things I do when working on a new scene is to jump into the game and take screenshots of the relevant location, both for reference and to use as a background.Apr 28 2019
Question from baomooshka via Tumblr: “Whole warband: Do they struggle with any mental health issues?” Nah, they’re perfectly healthy. I mean… from time to time, we all get these strange urges to jump over pools of molten lava for no apparent reason, but that’s nothing to be concerned about, right? I went back to the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle for this one. So many fond memories…Apr 22 2019
And it’s done! Kianga now has a full suit of heavy armor and no longer has to fight hydras and giant devourers in nothing but his loincloth. Not that a real charr would need anything more, of course.Apr 19 2019
For my dad.Apr 15 2019
I think I’ve perfected my chocolate cake baking technique. Why use a tiny oven when we have the Great Imperial Smelter! Don’t worry if you taste a hint of sulfur, that’s perfectly normal. Oh, and please remove all screws before eating. Happy birthday, Drac! <3Apr 12 2019
Just a happy warrior enjoying a spring sunrise. There’s something relaxing about working on nature scenes, and I’ve been trying to do one for every season: Fall of Ascalon was my second big scene with Kianga, then there was the warband’s Wintersday celebration, and I’m hoping that we can return to the Labyrinthine Cliffs this summer - that map felt like the perfect summer vacation to me.Apr 11 2019
“Storm? Wake up…” The faint glow from the Mists energy that had softened their fall faded away. Ark had tried to protect both of them, but he had been so drained already… He touched Storm’s paw, but there was no reaction. It was utterly quiet here, no sounds from the jungle above them, yet it took Ark a long terrifying moment until he could make out his friend’s breathing, faint and shallow.Apr 8 2019
250 mithril ingots done, 13.300 to go… This is going to be a long night in the forge. Alternative title: “OW my back.” He’s not getting younger, you know…Apr 4 2019
And a little render for Wilderwuff, featuring a sketch she drew of Kianga. Check out her Patreon too, she draws amazing charr - and more!Mar 31 2019
In support of a friend of mine, and for Trans Day of Visibility.Mar 31 2019
Ark slowly worked his way along the vine towards the nearby cliff wall, the whole thing swaying dangerously with every movement. The wall was steep but weathered enough for his claws to find some purchase. A crack of thunder echoed through the chasm from above, and Ark knew immediately what that meant: “Storm!”, he shouted. He was answered by a roar, too feral to come from a charr, followed by more thunder, and suddenly a roar of pain.Mar 30 2019
No, this is not official Blood Legion swimwear. Trying to put this on your charr may result in severe injury or death. (To you, not the charr.)Mar 30 2019
A scene from Loki’s past, struggling to adapt to life with just one eye. There are moments when things become too much even for a charr warrior… Full story written by Loki: “It was the longest day of my life… From the moment I woke up and bashed my head against the bunk. Everything felt wrong, looked wrong, WAS wrong. Stumbling through the streets like a warband hyped on citadel whiskey after a successful mission.Mar 28 2019
The first rule of the Book Club is: We do not talk about the Book Club. Credits to ProperDave for the New Krytan typeface I’ve used here: 27 2019
They’re all pretty big charr, but Kianga is the tallest (maximum height in game) and Chui is the shortest (around 30% in game). As for my 3D models, Kianga is about 2.47 m (8 ft 1 in) tall at the shoulder and almost 3 m (9 ft) at the upper tip of his horns, while Chui is about 2.25 m (7 ft 5 in) and 2.6 m (8 ft 5 in).Mar 20 2019
The original request for this from Sidewinder30k was a scene with Storm practicing elemental magic, setting something on fire by accident, and then frantically trying to put it out. I’ve thought about this for a while and here’s the problem: that wouldn’t be Storm. He’s not that sloppy, and his reaction would probably be: “Come on, it’s just fire!” So instead, here’s Storm practicing his magic by setting a Flame Legion camp on fire, quite deliberately, and without looking.Mar 16 2019
Moving quietly, Ark left the path he had come from and hid between two bushes to the side. They were dense enough to cover him, but still allowed him a view of the path. Suddenly he felt silly. Storm had the first watch, and had probably followed him to check if he was alright. That would explain the noises: Storm was great with fire and lightning, but stealth? Ark grinned to himself—he’d teach him a lesson about that.Mar 13 2019
“You rule without wisdom and without honor. The warriors that are gathered here would not say this to you, but I will: You are squandering our ships and our lives on a petty act of vengeance.” Michael Dorn as Worf (Star Trek) I grew up with Star Trek, and I can’t imagine any voice more fitting for Kianga than that of Worf. Being a great warrior is about more than just combat skills - it’s about honor and integrity.Mar 11 2019
“Charr don’t need daggers, we’ve got plenty of them built-in… but I guess a little extra steel can’t hurt. Not me, anyway.” I finally made a weapon for Kianga: his (and my) favorite Legionnaire Dagger. I gave it colors different from the original to better fit the red & black theme I often use for Kianga’s equipment. With future weapons I’d like to go even more in a stylized direction, but for now I’m happy with this!Mar 11 2019
“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.” Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction) Also watch this short video of Ving Rhames accepting a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Mini-Series. I imagine Skarr having both sides: He can be a cold and brutal necromancer in battle, but also sweet and humble when he’s among friends.Mar 4 2019
Ark got up and left the camp quietly, telling himself that he just needed to clear his thoughts for a moment. These nightmares were ridiculous—he would never hurt one of his ’bandmates. Walking a few paces, he thought back to the airship crash. He had been talking with a sylvari, a fellow revenant, when it happened. The sylvari had stumbled, and when Ark had tried to help him up, he saw his eyes—Mar 2 2019
Here’s our Chaz, taking a break from their courier duties, just for a moment… or two… Patreon reward - thank you for your support! <3Mar 1 2019
A followup to my post about Chui’s imagined voice actor: Chui still hasn’t found the blueprint for a sonic screwdriver, but he did manage to build that famous phone box. With some enhancements - I mean, obviously this thing needed more steel and spikes, right? Just a silly thing I did for practice - not canon, of course.Feb 28 2019
Miokendai requested a scene explaining why his charr Miolius chose the surname “Scriberend”. I sense a love-hate relationship going on there… Patreon reward - I hope you like the scene, and thank you for your support! <3Feb 27 2019
To the Guild Wars 2 team: Thank you for the past seven years - for putting your hearts into this game, for bringing new friends together, and for inspiring so many to create and to make this world a more friendly and colorful place.Feb 26 2019
You know how cats love to sleep in positions that cannot possibly be comfortable? Looks like charr do that too. Patreon reward for Loki - thank you for your support! <3Feb 26 2019
“I’m Storm Snowclaw, and this is my favorite spot on the Citadel!” Voice: Brandon Keener as Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) Garrus was my favorite character in the Mass Effect series, and he’s got the kind of attitude that I’d imagine for Storm: They’re both independent and professional, perhaps even arrogant sometimes, but also loyal friends and always ready to cheer you up with a joke. I think this is the first scene that really shows Storm’s nose piercing - he’s probably the only member of Snow Warband who would get a piercing, but I think it fits him.Feb 25 2019
Ahh, coffee… Commission for Sidewinder30k of his charr Thel Victus, a tired but happy Iron Legion soldier. I also got to design an Iron Legion version of Kianga’s shirt, including a logo and more writing in New Krytan! For some reason writing in this language is oddly fun. Especially sideways, or even better: in circles. See if you can decipher it! I hope you like him, and thank you for the commission!Feb 22 2019
Most of Ark’s ‘bandmates were asleep, and he should have been too. They’d been marching all day through the jungle, felt like getting cooked alive in their armor. But lying here in their makeshift camp, Ark wished he could have marched through the night anyway - so he wouldn’t have to face those dreams again. Maybe it was just the heat messing with him. His thoughts kept wandering back to that moment when everything went wrong: When their friends and allies suddenly turned against them, and their airship crashed into the jungle.Feb 20 2019
“I don’t quite see how you cherish the memory of the dead by killing another million.” Sean Connery as John Mason (The Rock) Ark would probably have the oldest voice of all my charr, even though they’re actually all around the same age. I just imagine him being the calmest one, with a voice that could probably tell wonderful bedtime stories - or casually call a superior officer an idiot without even blinking, like Sean Connery in that scene.Feb 19 2019
It’s a Chaz! Roaming the streets of Ebonhawke and looking a little nervous… I’ve been following Chaz’ adventures on Tumblr for a long time, even before I started making my own 3D art, and I was excited to get the chance to model them in my own style. I based their physique on the in-game model, and the texture design on a drawn reference - probably the most challenging character I’ve worked on so far.Feb 18 2019
Roses are red, violets are blue, if you throw this stuff again I’m gonna punch you. Valentine’s advice: Please don’t throw harpy pheromones at charr. It takes forever to get this stuff out of their fur (and clothes) again.Feb 14 2019
“Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things but vice versa the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things, or make them unimportant.” - Matt Smith as The Doctor Inspired by a recent discussion on our Discord, I wondered which voice actor I’d choose for my charr, if it had to be a different one than the default voice.Feb 11 2019
Two derps, just one pair of eyes - and probably a lot of blood whiskey… Happy Birthday Loki, and a Happy Lunar New Year to you all! I wish I had a third charr model I could include here, because it’s another birthday today, of a fierce charr lady and artist I respect a lot: @charrior-of-ash on Tumblr - Please stay awesome, all of you! <3Feb 6 2019
The bartender walks over to Kianga´s table and serves a cup of hot chocolate." So, one cup of hot chocolate for our brave and fearless warrior. You already told us about the years in Fahrar, but how was it after that? Tell us about the first order the Snow Warband received." — Sidewinder30k, January 30th, 2019 Kianga: “Fresh out of the fahrar, we felt ready to take on anything. We would have charged straight at Zhaitan if they had sent us.Jan 30 2019
It seems that Loki has a different opinion. A response to yesterday’s response to Danero’s drawing of Arcdanis giving people a stern reminder to be decent. (Confused yet?) Dangit Loki, people will never listen to Kianga if you give them this cute smile.Jan 25 2019
Sometimes all it needs is a stern look from your legionnaire to restore discipline. A response to a piece by my friend Danero, which sometimes gets posted on his Discord server when things get a little too frisky. Now he just needs to make one with his own character and we can be the Trio of Disapproval. (Of course we’ll never need this on our Snow Warband Discord. We’re the epitome of decency.Jan 24 2019
What’s it like growing up in a warband? — Fuwyfox, January 22nd, 2019 Kianga: “Most charr will have a hard time imagining what it’s like growing up without a warband. There are friends and ‘bandmates around you all the time, always ready for a joke.” “In our first year at the fahrar, just when we were getting used to working and fighting as a team, our primus woke us up in the morning and told us that we’d be split up.Jan 22 2019
Patreon reward for Miokendai, of his charr Miolius Scriberend! His big floofy mane was the ultimate test for my hair modeling technique - there are still some issues I need to work on, especially when posing the character, but overall I think it turned out well. I also made a simple outfit for him, this time themed for the Order of Whispers. Bonus points if you can figure out that New Krytan script!Jan 20 2019
“Who needs a holosmith when you can have a holowarrior?” Please excuse the silliness, I just figured out how to make holograms in Blender.Jan 17 2019
Response to a question by Haruka Emberfall on Tumblr: “I dont recall seeing any of the bandmates sleeping yet. Could we see them cozying up for a good night’s sleep in the barracks?” Yes, our grumpy necromancer has a little plushie for sleeping. Yes, he made it himself. No, you don’t want to ask about the dry rattling sound it makes. I originally wanted to show more of them in the same scene, but the layout of their sleeping quarters makes that difficult.Jan 15 2019
“Promote me? Hah. What could be better than leading my warband into battle?” Thanks to @WyvrnDWRipsnarl on Twitter for the prompt! I wanted to see what happens when I use screenshots as backgrounds for simple character scenes, similar to what I do with my dog tags. I’m not going to use this technique for more complex scenes, but I think for quick prompts it works just fine? Probably more interesting to look at than those plain colored backgrounds.Jan 13 2019
Patching up a warrior’s bruised arms and legs is easy. Patching up his bruised ego can be a lot harder. I made this scene before I played the latest episode, but this feels more relevant now.Jan 8 2019
Here’s the first custom charr model I’ve made as a Patreon reward: Loki Roland. The model is based on my previous charr, with more detailed hair and paws. Lucky for me, Loki is also a Blood Legion warrior, so I could reuse Kianga’s eye patch design and the loincloth. I still made a new and more detailed loincloth texture for him, because the old one had some technical issues. Overall this was a lot of fun, and I learned some new modeling techniques along the way - I’ll definitely use this kind of hair again for future models.Jan 6 2019
A response to this piece by guildwuff2 on Tumblr: When she posted this earlier this week on her Patreon (which is awesome by the way), I felt like doing a little pose and light matching practice - and this happened. At first I had Kianga in that pose, but then I figured my other charr could use some love too, so here’s martial arts nerd Chui Snowblast, ready for some sparring!Dec 30 2018
A little birthday present for my most awesome (and only) Branded friend, Sam. The spooky glowing present in the background was contributed by Keeya Snowtail, and I cannot vouch for its contents. Open at your own risk.Dec 23 2018
This may not quite qualify as silent night, but it’s as close as you can get with a Blood Legion warband. I wish you all pleasant holidays, with lots of fun and food and most importantly the chance to spend time with the ones you love. Happy Wintersday!Dec 23 2018
Snow Warband presents the latest advance in Pact technology: The Platform for Armed Wintersday Celebration (short: P.A.W.C.) Developed in cooperation with the best Legion engineers, it’s got guns, bayonets, flamethrowers, mortars, deadly spikes, and plenty of space for festive decorations. Celebrating Wintersday in charr style! Keeya Snowtail was busy doing, er, mesmer things and couldn’t attend the photoshoot, but also sends her greetings (artwork by our guild leader, Minarr Howlfury). A wonderful Wintersday to all of you!Dec 16 2018
“Um, boss? Are you sure you’ve ordered a Wintersday tree and not a tank?” Continuing from last week, they’ve started assembling… something. With various degrees of efficiency. Looking at you, Storm. Speaking of fun, all the Wintersday cookies in this scene were lovingly baked, modeled, and textured by my partner, Keeya Snowtail.Dec 9 2018
“Guys, get up! Our Wintersday supplies have arrived, it’s time to decorate!” Not everyone in the warband shares Kianga’s excitement for Wintersday. Especially not at five in the morning. First full scene with the whole warband! This one is inspired by the sleeping area in Hero’s Canton. I’ve always found it a little strange that charr have their beds right next to the showers, but I guess it’s efficient…? Happy holidays to you all!Dec 4 2018
“Look what we got: New casual clothes for the whole warband! There’s even our emblem on it. Neat, huh?” I’m especially proud of the subtle Blood Legion design on his back. Cough.Dec 3 2018
With most members of Snow Warband, it’s okay to start a little bar brawl - all in good fun. With Skarr… I wouldn’t recommend it. Skarr Blacksnow, necromancer, medic, and obviously the warband’s most charming member. I think you can see why none of them ever get sick for long.Nov 30 2018
“Need a fire?” Storm Snowclaw, fourth member of the warband. If you haven’t guessed, he’s the elementalist and he loves setting things on fire.Nov 28 2018
Based on a drawing prompt Ark can’t beat Kianga in a game of arm wrestling, but it turns out that drinking games work much more in his favor. The only downside is having to get a drunken 500 pound charr back home safely… Also introducing the third member of Snow Warband: my engineer, Chui Snowblast, to the right.Nov 22 2018
Based on the drawing prompt “outside in a terrible storm” “Oh I love storms, nothing terrible about them!” Hmm, I’m not entirely happy with that lightning and rain buuut I guess it’s okay for a first attempt? I hope?Nov 18 2018
Based on the drawing prompt: “in the middle of a fight/battle” “There are different kinds of fights…” Ark may have picked the wrong one here.Nov 17 2018
Based on the drawing prompt: “for sale” Not for sale, but for hire! They’re not mercenaries, but they’d totally pose like this just for the fun of it. While looking for mercenary slogans, I also found this gem: You Pay, We Slay.Nov 16 2018
Based on the drawing prompt: “standing over an unmoving figure” “It’s okay, you’re safe now.” Follow-up to the previous scene. I know, technically he’s kneeling not standing, and technically the figure is moving. Hope it still counts!Nov 15 2018
Things you can find at the beach: Sand, sea shells, crabs… washed-up charr?Nov 14 2018
“We are Blood Legion. We don’t run from danger.” However, when you’re in the shower and realize you forgot the cake in the oven…Nov 12 2018
“So you think I’m ticklish?” For my friend Loki. Trying to impress a Blood Legion warrior with tickles? Good luck with that.Nov 11 2018
“Have you been cleaning your rifles properly?” Santa Claws, terror of the cubs at the Citadel’s Wintersday festivities.Nov 10 2018
“We don’t fight for some guy sitting in a chair. We fight for the Legions - for our ‘bandmates, our friends and loved ones. We fight so they have a world that’s worth living in.” Last piece for Charrtober and a salute to all of you, no matter which legion you fight for. Thank you for your support, for all your likes and replies and reblogs and follows this month! I hope you’ve enjoyed my 3D scenes as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.Oct 31 2018
“A friend you can trust is more precious than any gold in the world.”Oct 30 2018
“Did you hear what he said about my eyes?” Flattery will get you everywhere with charr.Oct 29 2018
“Oh! Hi. I was just uhh, exercising.”Oct 28 2018
“We honored Fyre as we would have honored any soldier of the Legions. There is no sense in holding grudges - we move on, and we keep fighting.”Oct 27 2018
“We didn’t speak another word, yet we both knew that only one would leave the arena that night. Somehow the crowd felt it too - the Bane was eerily silent. When he attacked, it was with a speed I had never seen of him. His claws slashed across my chest, and when I swung to the side to evade him, I left my head unprotected.”Oct 26 2018
“With two of my soldiers in the infirmary after what Fyre called a ‘mortar exercise’, I confronted him. I wasn’t subtle. He hit me. Another charr would have kicked his ass right there, and maybe that’s what he was hoping for, so he could send me to jail again. I stayed calm and did what I should have done long ago: In front of his officers, I challenged him to a fight in the Bane.”Oct 25 2018
“The legionnaire alone bears responsibility for the actions of his warband. No matter how much he hated them, Fyre could not touch my soldiers - and I reminded him at every opportunity. This meant I spent some nights in the stockade for things I didn’t even do - that none of us had done, in fact. It didn’t matter to him, and it didn’t matter to me. We just played this game for a while.Oct 24 2018
“Strangely enough, Fyre never threatened to throw us out of Blood Legion. Maybe he saw it as a waste of resources. Maybe he wanted to keep tormenting us. Or maybe he knew it was the one thing we feared, and thought he could use that fear to keep us under control. He was also wrong.”Oct 23 2018
“I’m glad there are no pictures of that BBQ incident…”Oct 22 2018
“Wait–what do you mean, and nothing else?” Kianga has regrets. Original tweet: 22 2018
“Fyre and I clashed horns plenty of times: he called us a pitiful excuse for a warband, I called him a disgrace to the Legions. I thought it was just the usual Blood Legion tone, and that it would get better with time. I was wrong.”Oct 21 2018
“During our first months as a warband I spent many nights in the Bane. It’s a simpler world: No politics, no scheming - just your opponent and your claws and the roar of the crowd after a good fight.”Oct 20 2018
“Fresh out of the fahrar, I left behind the best primus a cub could wish for, and got the worst scum of a centurion a legionnaire could imagine.”Oct 19 2018
“When all you have is a nail, everything looks like a hammer.”Oct 18 2018
“Some charr build tanks in their free time. Others blow up stuff. I forge weapons. You should try it too, it’s relaxing!”Oct 17 2018
“Every year around this time, I get the strangest nightmares about trying to escape from a shattered tower made of clocks and gears, over and over again… Weird, huh?”Oct 16 2018
“In recognition of his contributions to the war against the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, Dracaelus Croix is hereby awarded the Iron Legion Medal of Excellence.”Oct 15 2018
“Claw? Just one? How about all of them!”Oct 14 2018
“Take it if you can!”Oct 13 2018
Charr can be both gentle and murderous, and sometimes the two are only seconds apart.Oct 12 2018
My first day in the Maguuma Jungle: “Seriously, burn those pocket raptors.” Try wearing armor next time! This was slightly outside the comfort zone, but fun. Also fun fact: Kianga’s texture is currently mirrored - everything I draw on the right also appears on the left, so I had to be a little clever about the placement of those scars.Oct 12 2018
“Mmm, there’s nothing like a good steak!”Oct 11 2018
“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” (A quote by a human called Mark Twain. Must have been a warrior.)Oct 10 2018
Here’s a better look at Kianga’s gunspear, Reavor. I originally wanted to have him in full armor here, but couldn’t finish it in time. So he’ll be a badass a while longer and fight his enemies in nothing but a loincloth. No problem!Oct 9 2018
A proud legionnaire showing off a medal for the warband’s actions during the Maguuma campaign. I designed this as a coin (like the Ash Legion coin from day 1), but I guess calling it a medal makes more sense. I also designed a back side but couldn’t figure out a good way to show it here, so I’ll do that in a later scene.Oct 8 2018
“Eavesdropping? It’s called gathering intelligence.” Crucial intelligence, such as which Wintersday present the warband is getting for him this year.Oct 7 2018
Kicking in the front door may be the most fun, but it’s not always the wisest plan of attack. Featuring Kianga’s new weapon, Reavor: A gunspear (yes, you read that right) designed by fellow 3D artist Haruka Emberfall. This was a total surprise to me - thank you, Haru! Don’t worry, you’ll get to see the weapon in more detail in upcoming scenes.Oct 6 2018
Even a charr can show compassion, but never mistake it for weakness or you’ll get to see my other side. I struggled a bit with finding a suitable scene that wouldn’t require a second character, which I don’t have yet. But I never did a back view with Kianga before, so here we go.Oct 5 2018
Kianga STOP this is not how a warrior– no, we are NOT going to play with a ball of yarn.Oct 5 2018
Never forget. Kianga may be great at carving up monsters, but carving apples… not so much.Oct 4 2018
A legionnaire’s duties do not end when the day’s fighting is over. When the warband’s asleep, he goes to fight his next battle: paperwork. Very happy with the mood in this one. Yes, that’s my own handwriting. It’s not significantly better than a charr’s.Oct 3 2018
“What did that human say, the book is mightier than the sword? Or was it the pen? Oh, whatever.” Kianga is not entirely convinced, but he’s willing to try.Oct 2 2018
“You’re late.” (A Blood Legion soldier is never late. He arrives precisely when he’s meant to.)Oct 2 2018
So I thought, let’s make an Ash Legion coin! How hard can it be? Three hours later…Oct 1 2018
Ordered cake. Didn’t realize it was an Asuran bakery. I went with a simpler background this time, hope you like it anyway! The cake was delicious, by the way, just not very… filling.Oct 1 2018
“Kianga, didn’t your primus ever tell you not to stand on chairs?” “W-why would he do that… (hic)” It takes a lot to get Kianga drunk, but it’s usually great entertainment for his warband.Sep 30 2018
I wanted to create a peaceful scene for a change, and what’s better than Ascalon with its beautiful fall colors? Had to cut some corners with textures so this wouldn’t take me another week, but I’m happy with the result. Hope you’re enjoying the season as much as Kianga here!Sep 29 2018
For our warband’s sixth anniversary they surprised me with not one but six chocolate cakes. On the condition that I could hold them all. For one minute. Hah, the things I do for chocolate cake! Next year I could get into trouble though… Actually it’s not his birthday, but the anniversary of Snow Warband’s reassignment to their current centurion, after the… incident with the previous one.Sep 12 2018
Centurion, please have one of my giant chocolate cakes - and my best wishes! I’d eat that cake quickly. The way he stares at it, it might not survive for long. I also made him a casual/training outfit, can’t congratulate a centurion while wearing nothing but a loincloth…Sep 11 2018
“Come on, let’s have a little fight!” Just a quick practice with a combat pose and three-point lighting. I’ve been working on the rig for my model, making it easier to control the eyes and paws.Sep 8 2018
Every charr’s got their own way of blowing off steam after a long week: Shooting things, building war machines, or, you know… wrestling giant devourers in the Bane. I felt like creating an environment for a change, after working on that charr model for months. Needless to say, this ended up being a little more work than I had planned.Aug 31 2018
Ever wondered what Blood Legion wears under that heavy armor? Now you know. This is a first 3D render of my fully textured charr model - including a custom eye patch and a Blood Legion issue loincloth. (I know, very subtle.)Aug 18 2018
3D model of River, an anthro jackal for a game project, based on a character design by Temiree.Apr 18 2018
My very first Blender project was, of course, the donut from the popular Blender Guru tutorial I found the original scene in one of my backups and rendered it again with the current Blender version (2.90.1). (My donut had to be chocolate, of course.)Jan 27 2018
Cyklus was a watch face for Android Wear with a clean, minimalistic design. Instead of a typical 12-hour analog clock it would show a ring for an entire 24-hour period, along with markers for sunrise/sunset, weather, alarms, and calendar events.Mar 20 2017


Traditional pencil sketch by Mad KakerlakenSep 5 2023
Printed sticker with digital art by ValynxiaAug 4 2023
Sticker for my Fediverse panel at EF27Jun 27 2023
Digital icon by VaeMay 3 2023
Digital drawing by Logan WestFeb 4 2023
Digital drawing by Sayna JayeJan 3 2023
Digital colored bust drawing of my charr warrior by BoltyDec 25 2022
Digital colored bust drawing of my jaguar fursona by ValynxiaDec 24 2022
Sketch page by Sayna JayeJul 1 2022
Digital colored bust drawing by Sayna JayeMay 27 2022
Smash-themed digital drawing by KuragariDec 26 2021
Digital colored drawing by WilderwuffJun 6 2021
Digital color drawing by SoupApr 27 2021
3D render & print by KizaApr 19 2021
Digital color drawing by RengyrFeb 23 2021
Digital color drawing by KuragariJan 18 2021
Digital drawing by Wild TapiocaJan 13 2021
Digital color drawing by RengyrJan 1 2021
Digital color drawing by RheeDec 27 2020
Digital color drawing by AchromantDec 27 2020
Armor design concept by WilderwuffDec 11 2020
Traditional sketch page by Sayna JayeNov 24 2020
Sticker by Mad KakerlakenNov 19 2020
Digital color drawing by UmberOct 24 2020
Traditional drawing by Mad KakerlakenOct 10 2020
Digital color drawing by TevaSep 3 2020
Digital color drawings by EvilPolJul 13 2020
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Digital drawing by Commander TitaniaJun 27 2019
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Digital colored icons by IlonaApr 11 2019
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Traditional drawing by WilderwuffJan 30 2019
Digital drawing by MureJan 3 2019
Traditional bust drawing by DaneroDec 24 2018
Digital color drawing by ThalbachinDec 22 2018
Digital color drawing by TideKeeperDec 21 2018
Portrait commission of my charr warrior with a wicked smile, drawn by Thrasher!Dec 8 2018
Digital color drawing by CHARR_STARZNov 11 2018
Digital color drawing by MinarrOct 17 2018
Digital color drawing by Fenrir RekiOct 6 2018
Portrait commission featuring my charr warrior, painted by Bao!Oct 3 2018
Digital color drawing by ValynxiaAug 30 2018
Digital IKEA-style instruction sheet by MoonAug 29 2018
Digital color drawing by SzallejhAug 4 2018
Digital icon by TemireeMay 16 2018
Character reference sheet and icon by TemireeApr 9 2018
Digital drawing by DaneroMar 15 2018
Digital color drawing by DaneroApr 1 2017
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Digital drawing by Zuko-AgniDec 31 2015
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Traditional drawings by H-BridOct 7 2015
Digital drawing by DaneroAug 8 2015
Digital icon by Twilight SaintJun 21 2015
Digital artwork by SichiDec 27 2001
Hand-made tiger tail and ears by GizaJan 26 2001
Traditional painting by KizaJan 1 1999


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