A Night at the Inquest

3D scene
3D render of two male charr in an Inquest lab at night time, bathed in dark blue ambient light and strong red rim lights. Kernas, a smaller charr with dark gray fur is lying on a steel examination table, while Kaelgor, a larger charr with light gray fur and stripes, looms over him, pinning down his arms from behind his head. Their noses are almost touching and both are looking at each other with a mischievous grin. Computer consoles are glowing in the background, out of focus.
3D render


When you want to have a fun time with your mate, you can go to a nice restaurant, to a beach… or to an Inquest lab. Shh, don’t judge them.

3D scene commission for Kuragari, featuring Kernas and Kaelgor.

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