Narrow Escape

3D scene
3D render featuring two charr in Vigil armor: The charr on the left, Ripa Soulkeeper, looks badly injured with a bandaged wound on his abdomen. He has his left arm around Almorra Soulkeeper next to him. She is supporting him and looking at him with concern. Both charr look worn from battle, with blood and dirt all over their armor. They're standing in the sunshine on a grassy hill with trees to the right, but the dark purple corruption of the Brand is just a few steps behind them. In the distance, near the edge of the Brand, you can just make out the fallen body of a Branded charr.
3D render


Scene commission for Ripa, following the Branded Fight scene I created for him in 2021. Looks like Ripa and Almorra escaped—barely.

This was the first 3D scene I’ve done in a long time that didn’t have to be finished in a single day, and it’s been such a joy to work on. I hope you like it, and thank you for the commission!

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