Charr Island III: Indomitable

3D render of a male charr with brown fur, facing a seven-eleven crab sitting on a white rock with a blue sea in the background. The crab looks like it's challenging him, and the charr grins back, expression somewhere between amused and intrigued. In the far distance, slightly out of focus, there's another charr swimming in the water and watching the scene.
3D render
3D view


Looks like dinner on Charr Island isn’t going down without a fight…

For the prompt “indomitable” from my patron Ripa I made a Carpilius maculatus, also known as a seven-eleven crab. It’s cute, but probably also tasty. Hmm, decisions decisions.

The scene is a reference to another fearless crab from Finding Nemo.

You can download the source files for the crab model as a JAGUAR-tier supporter on my Patreon or Ko-fi.

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