Prompt 8: RAIN
Night-time 3D render of a male charr in swim trunks, standing in heavy rain and facing a waterfall with his back to the viewer. His arms are spread like he's enjoying the water, and his form is mostly a dark silhouette against a diffuse blue light coming from the waterfall. The scene is framed by long grass on the left and right, and you can barely make out a rock wall behind the waterfall.
3D render


Who said cats don’t like water?

Based on the prompt “rain” from my patron Bao. Also added a whole waterfall in the background, for good measure. 😼

I’ve always found rendering rain difficult - I’ve tried it once or twice before and usually it ends up barely visible unless I use weird shader and lighting tricks. Same here, but overall I think I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. Hope you agree!

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