Nightmares V

3D render


“Storm? Wake up…”

The faint glow from the Mists energy that had softened their fall faded away. Ark had tried to protect both of them, but he had been so drained already…

He touched Storm’s paw, but there was no reaction. It was utterly quiet here, no sounds from the jungle above them, yet it took Ark a long terrifying moment until he could make out his friend’s breathing, faint and shallow. He had no strength left for any healing magic, unless he tapped into that strange power again, and if he tried to move Storm in this condition he might kill him.

Ark looked around: They had fallen into a large chamber of broken rocks and vines. The walls were so torn that Ark might manage to climb up again, but certainly not while carrying Storm, and there was no telling how far they were from the surface. Something about this place was unnatural, however: From a gap in one of the walls—a doorway?—golden light poured into the chamber.

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