3D render of a male charr in somewhat simplistic looking Blood Legion armor, kneeling in front of the three charr legion banners: Ash, Blood, and Iron.
3D render


“We don’t fight for some guy sitting in a chair. We fight for the Legions - for our ‘bandmates, our friends and loved ones. We fight so they have a world that’s worth living in.”

Last piece for Charrtober and a salute to all of you, no matter which legion you fight for. Thank you for your support, for all your likes and replies and reblogs and follows this month! I hope you’ve enjoyed my 3D scenes as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. I may need a short break after 31 days of non-stop 3D art, but don’t worry - Kianga isn’t going anywhere. He’ll keep fighting, for the Legions!

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