Downloadable Assets

TwilightPrompt 89: TWILIGHT
3D render of a male charr (Yami Whitemane) wearing the White Tiger outfit. He’s leaning casually on his legendary sword Twilight (larger than him) and looking directly at the viewer.

Big sword for a big charr!

3D Art — August 5, 2022

Black JaguarVR Avatar
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic black jaguar with orange eyes, looking at the viewer with a smile, head slightly tilted. He has a simple steel earring in his left ear.

My first premade avatar for VRChat and ChilloutVR, a black jaguar—ready for Pride Month with a little splash of rainbow.

3D Art, Virtual Reality — May 23, 2022

It’s been a while since I made a new model for my own charr - here is Storm Snowclaw, my elementalist! He’s uh, a bit eccentric.

3D Art — March 16, 2022

AstralariaPrompt 58: STARS

Kernas Schi wielding Astralaria, perhaps my favorite legendary weapon from the game. ✨

3D Art — December 17, 2021

Metal LacsapPrompt 55: MUSIC
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in full battle armor against a fiery background, playing the Musical Bass Guitar from the Guild Wars 2 gem store. The guitar has a crazy design with gears, spikes, and (for some reason) three exhaust pipes that shoot flames. Lacsap looks like he's thoroughly enjoying it.

Lacsap has a guitar now, and he’s not afraid to use it! 🤘

3D Art — November 26, 2021

Claw of the Khan-UrPrompt 43: INDEPENDENCE

“Think there’ll ever be another Khan-Ur to lead you?” — “Made it this far without one. Why fix something that ain’t broke?”

3D Art — July 13, 2021

Charr Island III: IndomitablePrompt 34: INDOMITABLE
3D render of a male charr with brown fur, facing a seven-eleven crab sitting on a white rock with a blue sea in the background. The crab looks like it's challenging him, and the charr grins back, expression somewhere between amused and intrigued. In the far distance, slightly out of focus, there's another charr swimming in the water and watching the scene.

Looks like dinner on Charr Island isn’t going down without a fight…

3D Art — May 24, 2021

Moa ChicksPrompt 30: CHAOS

A little sequel to last month’s scene - looks like something hatched from those eggs!

3D Art — April 29, 2021

Night FlightPrompt 14: PERSPECTIVE
3D render of a charr warrior in full steel battle armor with red accents, flying with a rocket-propelled glider against the dark blue night sky. A crescent moon is visible in the top right corner behind him.

One of my favorite moments in battle is gliding down from high above - gives you a whole new perspective on the battlefield.

3D Art — December 29, 2020

ProtectPrompt 11: PROTECT
3D render of a male charr with yellow fur standing in front of a massive iron gate. He's not wearing any clothes, but he's resting his hand paws on a large tower shield in front of him, with the Blood Legion emblem on it. Behind him in the distance, his battle axe is leaning against the gate.

Blood Legion isn’t just great at taking things from the enemy, we’re pretty darn good at keeping them too.

3D Art — November 13, 2020

3D render of a male charr in black shorts, red tank top, and red eye patch, standing in a snowy landscape on top of what looks like a charr-built hoverboard with multiple thrusters and fierce looking spikes.

Don’t you hate slogging through snow? What if you could just float over it on a murderous machine made of flames and spikes? Like a snowboard, except made for war… the… Snow Warboard? You can download the 3D model for the Snow Warboard as a JAGUAR-tier supporter on my Patreon and Ko-fi!

3D Art — October 31, 2020

This is Bruce, my pocket raptor.

3D Art — April 20, 2020

“An axe cuts through a forest not because of its size, but its endurance.” Matshona Dhliwayo

3D Art — November 27, 2019

“Charr don’t need daggers, we’ve got plenty of them built-in… but I guess a little extra steel can’t hurt. Not me, anyway.” I finally made a weapon for Kianga: his (and my) favorite Legionnaire Dagger. I gave it colors different from the original to better fit the red & black theme I often use for Kianga’s equipment. With future weapons I’d like to go even more in a stylized direction, but for now I’m happy with this!

3D Art — March 11, 2019

3D render of an anthropomorphic black-backed jackal in a cartoony style, pointing at something just to the right of the viewer. He has bright blue eyes and is wearing a short dark purple tunic and a black utility belt with a hunting knife.

3D model of River, an anthro jackal for a game project, based on a character design by Temiree.

3D Art — April 18, 2018